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Élia Beach Club - Virgin Hotels Las Vegas

Élia Beach Club is the first venue of the joint partnership from nightlife leaders and managing partners Mio Danilovic, Jason “JRoc” Craig and Michael Fuller, and JC Hospitality at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. Curated by the partners and designed by Francois Frossard, it exudes inspiration from Mykonos, Greece through its ambiance, furnishings and aesthetic. Frossard, who also designed the notable Joia Beach Club in Miami, brought the partners’ visions to life through the venue’s details, color palette, and decor. With a musical focus on all genres of house music, a relaxed yet energetic dance vibe inspired by international beach destinations will create a rhythmic, transformational experience for guests, different from any other Vegas pool and nightlife offering.

In conjunction with the continued unveiling of Richard Branson’s Virgin Hotels, Virgin Hotels Las Vegas, part of Curio Collection by Hilton and JC Hospitality, owners of the resort, are pleased to announce the partnership with nightlife leaders Mio Danilovic, Jason “JROC” Craig and Michael Fuller to run Élia Beach Club - a beach club unlike any seen before in Las Vegas.

Vegas eagerly awaits the unveiling of this magical, ethereal new hospitality destination. Curated by the partners and designed by the discerning eye of Francois Frossard, Élia Beach Club takes its inspiration from Mykonos, Greece, remaining in-step with its namesake, Elia, Mykonos’ largest beach. Known for its clear, blue surf and scenic sandy landscape, Élia Beach Club will emanate those sensations through its ambiance. Frossard, who also designed the notable Joia Beach, as well as some of the most widely lauded institutions to have graced Miami, brought the partners’ visions to life through hand-selected decor detail and a customized design aesthetic.

“I am so honored and excited to have partnered with Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. My partners and I are looking forward to building Élia Beach Club into one of the best beach club venues, not only in Las Vegas, but in the United States. We aim to deliver a top-tier atmosphere, first-class service and an unbelievable experience, remaining true to everything that the Virgin Hotels brand stands for,” said Mio Danilovic, Creator/Managing Partner, Élia Beach Club.

The Mykonos-inspired decor and ambiance will not only impress guests but transport them to an international paradise. With travelers continuously journeying to Tulum (Mexico) and Miami (Florida) since the onset of the pandemic, and on the heels of the widespread popularity of tourism to Mykonos over the last five years, it was evident the decor and musical programming of these global destinations is what party goers want to hear, see and experience. With this in mind, the team set out to create the ultimate getaway destination, paired with the internationally coveted brand of Virgin Hotels as its Las Vegas backdrop and so Élia Beach Club was born. With a musical focus on all genres of house music, a relaxed yet energetic dance vibe inspired by international beach destinations will create a rhythmic, transformational experience for guests, different from any other Vegas pool and nightlife offering.

“Élia Beach Club will serve as the ultimate haven for guests as Vegas’ premiere beach club and will offer an unparalleled experience unlike anything else in the Las Vegas resort corridor,” said Richard “Boz” Bosworth, President & CEO of JC Hospitality and owner of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. “As part of the integrated resort model, the outdoor pool experience was one of our top priorities. We are thrilled with this partnership and anxious to introduce the venue to our guests. The desert oasis incorporates an internationally inspired ambiance sure to impress hotel guests, performers and locals alike.”

From the wood framed and draped fabric cabana design, to the jute woven poufs, and stonework accents, the global design influences differentiate Élia Beach Club from the typical pool atmospheres, offering a photographic backdrop at every turn.

“I am really excited for this project for a variety of reasons. Through my travels abroad to places like Mykonos, Bali, Brazil and Tulum, among others, I have enjoyed the simplicity of what these cultures, daylife and nightlife entities have created through their design and architecture, as well as the music and overall vibe of the spaces. At Élia Beach Club we are trying to create an energy, an energy that not only lives uniquely in the space musically, but also in the way the venue feels. An energy and vibe in a different lane than your typical Vegas pool experience,” said Jason “JRoc” Craig, Managing Partner, Élia Beach Club.

“While a large percentage of the market is splintered right now, musically and psychologically they are looking for a mature cultured experience. It is evident the experience of Covid-19 and quarantine has changed people - - their priorities, interests and social interactions - and we need to do things a little differently to reflect that. With a focus on tourists, hotel guests and locals, we aspire to be the friendliest venue in Las Vegas for a truly carefree, enjoyable guest experience.” - Michael Fuller, Managing Partner, Élia Beach Club.

The musical style of DJs and notable guest performers will incorporate tropical house, world house and deep house, with a mindset of escape, dancing and just good vibes filling the atmosphere of the venue. The beautifully designed stage complete with a straw thatched roof creates a desirable and attractive focal point to the venue that will not only lure in guests and performers but will create a cohesive desire to be a part of the experience it exudes. Overlooking the Mediterranean-colored pool, the music will infiltrate the venue elevating the experience to another level, literally. The floorplan allows for all cabana guests to feel integrated into the vibe of the performance, as well as patrons that choose to stay at pool level. Every guest, whether pool level or at a VIP cabana, will be offered an immersive, accessible and welcoming experience. The entire venue will evoke an exclusive feel.

Health and wellness elements will also be incorporated into both the menu and the programming, with cabanas converted for massage and wellness services. The world continues to raise its level of focus on consciousness, environmentalism and overall selfcare, fitness and wellness practices, so the founders are committed to bringing elements reflective of this criteria into the venue. Examples of this include large-scale morning yoga, meditation pop-ups, red light therapy, and organic based cocktail creations.


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