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ShadeCraft: Getting Crafty with Outdoor Living

ShadeCraft Transforms Outdoor Spaces Through Technology and Luxury Design

Los Angeles-based robotics company ShadeCraft has created the SUNFLOWER, an elegant outdoor parasol that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity that seamlessly join consumers with their outdoor surroundings, providing autonomous, optimal shade and energy collection.

Described simply as a smart outdoor shade, SUNFLOWER is both design and technologically forward, and was first introduced into the market at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

The world’s first ever solar powered robotic shading system has the ability to move in accordance with the sun, keeping one shaded at all times. A connectivity portal that communicates with other IoT devices in the home, SUNFLOWER collects solar energy to power its battery, charges any Smartphone or USB device, streams over Wi-Fi or 4G networks, plays music on its built-in speakers and even features a home security system.

A striking choice for one’s landscape architectural plan, SUNFLOWER recently was presented with the Gold Prize at the 2017 IDA International Design Awards. Its modern shape and sleek design beautifies any outdoor space.

ShadeCraft’s CEO and founder Armen Gharabegian has been breaking new ground in the AI industry since 2012. His vision is to change how consumers think about living in their outdoor areas, from how they consume entertainment or handle home security, to providing them the ability to charge USB devices anywhere – at the beach, a campsite or the backyard.

ShadeCraft clearly benefits from Gharabegian’s decades of combined experience in design and engineering. The award-winning artist and sculptor is also known for the limited edition, handcrafted Maximillian Chair, described as “the perfect chair.”

Gharabegian’s team is dedicated to creating solar powered, outdoor products that connect people to the Internet through AI integration, bringing everything seamlessly outdoors in an aesthetically appealing way with robotics. Nature remains at the core of all design inspiration at ShadeCraft.

Gharabegian comments, “We believe that nature has a very evolutionary process to adapt to the environment and evolve accordingly. Although biorobotics is a broadly used term, we learn from nature as it enhances the environment outdoors for mankind.”

ShadeCraft designed the robotic umbrella to move in relation to the sun as a natural flower does. SUNFLOWER follows the circadian rhythm as the robotic parasol follows the sun from East to West.

Gharabegian explains, “Ironically, as we were developing the functional aspects of the robot, it was a natural and logical decision to protect the most sensitive aspects of our robot within the shaded area and away from the sun. This is the way a natural sunflower has evolved, protecting its genetics from the sun and keeping it in the shade, allowing it to grow.”

ShadeCraft is truly changing the way that people live and interact outdoors through its patent pending technologies. The company will soon unveil new smart innovations that will continue to revolutionize the way consumers live outdoors, improving their lives by combining luxury design with technology, connectivity, safety and entertainment.

“The business landscape around us changes constantly. Technology also grows at an exponential pace, allowing us to dream bigger and fulfill some of our dreams in ways we could not imagine years ago,” comments Gharabegian.

As Gharabegian and his team continue to dream big, we all soon will benefit from product innovation designed to improve, enhance and beautify our surroundings and human life outdoors.


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