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WhistlePig's Customized Whiskey Program

“From the time we started making whiskey, we’ve always done things in our own way. Now we have the chance to empower you to do the same.” - Dave Pickerell, Master Distiller

Announcing WhistlePig’s customized whiskey program – Reserve Barrel. The new program allows the consumer to create personalized whiskeys. The first option is the 10 Year Single Barrel, where consumers get the chance to choose their barrel with a final product of 132 bottles of barrel strength custom whiskey.

For The 12 Year Single Bespoke Blend, whiskey enthusiasts will create their own blend of European cask finish whiskies working with the WhistlePig distillers, pipets and beakers for a bespoke blend of whiskey. Both programs receive custom labels for their final creations and consumers can have the opportunity to interact with the Chief Blender, Pete Lynch, if they choose to pick their barrel at the WhistlePig Farm in Shoreham, Vermont.

Pricing will range from $11,000 - $19,000 depending on the marque (ranging from state to state), and order fulfillment takes up to 12 weeks.

10 Year Single Barrel:

  • Select own barrel

  • Bottled at barrel strength

  • Wide range of flavor profiles

  • Custom labels with you name on it

  • Estimated Price: $11,000 – 14,000

12 Year Bespoke Blend:

  • Create your own blend

  • Port, Sauternes, Madeira finishes

  • Bottled at 86 proof

  • Custom labels with your name on it

  • Estimated Price: $16,000 – 19,000

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