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5 Useful Types Of Saws For Home Improvement Projects

If you want to embark upon a DIY home improvement project, it’s essential to pick the right tools. One of the most versatile tools in the world of home improvement is the saw. This tool cutting tool can make light work of difficult projects.

There are five saws that every DIY enthusiast should add to their toolbox since they can be used for an assortment of different projects. This guide will tell you everything about these five tools so that you can use them in the correct circumstances.

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5 Useful Types Of Saws For Home Improvement Projects

1. Miter Saw

Miter saws are widely used in woodworking projects. Consequently, they have become an essential tool for home improvements. This saw variety is particularly adept for cross-cutting or angled cuts. Miter saws are best suited to woodworking, but they may also be used for cutting metals and plastic.

When using a miter saw, the blade will be pulled down onto the material. They are especially effective on longer boards of wood.

When choosing a miter saw, you need to find a saw of the right size, as these tools will vary dramatically in size. Most miter saws are electric, though you can also invest in manual miter saws in the form of miter boxes.

2. Cordless Circular Saw

Circular saws feature rounded toothed blades. This style of saw is widely used in both professional and DIY situations.

Circular saws can be corded or cordless. It is recommended that you invest in a cordless circular saw for home projects, as there will be no pesky cords to get in the way as you work.

Not to mention, you will be able to work far away from power outlets, making this a versatile option. Just bear in mind that cordless circular saws can be heavy thanks to the addition of the battery.

Aside from choosing between a cordless or corded circular saw, there are two other types of circular saws. Namely, sidewinder saws and worm drive saws.

The sidewinder saw is a lighter version that features the motor on the side of the blade. Meanwhile, the motor will be located behind the blade on a worm drive circular saw. Alongside the weight and design of these saws, one of the key factors to differentiate between them is the torque. In this area, the worm drive is the superior option.

3. Spiral Saw

Spiral saws look akin to a drill bit. The spiral saw is mainly used for cutting holes into plywood, drywall, wallboard, and other thin materials. This terrific tool is perfect for cutting precise holes into these surfaces.

This saw style will quickly plunge into these surfaces, making it a worthwhile addition to your DIY equipment. In your home improvement projects, you may use a spiral saw to cut holes into tiles so that they are suitable for faucets.

4. Reciprocating Saw

Up next, the main purpose of a reciprocating saw is to rapidly cut through materials. Though it is popularly used in demolition, a reciprocating saw is incredibly versatile when used in home improvement projects.

The reciprocating saw is made up of a blade with teeth in the shape of hooks, which will easily cut through plaster and drywall. They can even be used for pruning trees.

It’s advised that you mostly use a reciprocating saw to remove unwanted objects. For instance, you can use this saw to cut into doors, pipes, and walls.

5. Portable Table Saw

Table saws are primarily used to cut wood. However, they can also cut other materials, such as sheet plastic. These tables are designed to enhance precision, allowing users to achieve sharp and accurate cuts. Table saws are primarily used for ripping, as well as achieving the desired width and thickness for a piece of wood.

This tool is formed of a circular blade like these Leitz Saw Blades that is mounted underneath the table. However, the blade will protrude through the table.

As the name suggests, these saws are portable, making them much easier to utilize in your projects. Just bear in mind that these sturdy saws can be quite costly.

Final Thoughts

One of the key steps to ensuring that your home improvement projects are a success is to utilize the correct tools. The large number of saws available can be a little confusing, especially if you are new to the world of DIY. By investing in these five saws, you should be able to complete a wide assortment of projects.


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