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7 Luxury Businesses Where You Can Pay With Crypto

Over the years, cryptocurrencies have become a worldwide sensation. Recently, more companies have started to accept crypto as a form of payment due to high customer demand. 

Crypto offers companies and individuals a number of benefits ranging from quick transactions, reduced fees, and certain levels of anonymity. Because of this, many key industries are starting to add digital coins to their list of accepted payment methods. Several e-commerce and physical stores have adopted crypto around the globe. Entertainment sectors, like video and casino gaming, have also integrated crypto into their platforms, with crypto gambling sites boosting in popularity in recent years. Furthermore, finance sectors are beginning to accept crypto as well. Now, even high end luxury brands are accepting crypto, showing that it’s truly made its way into mainstream society. So, which luxury businesses have taken the next step in accepting crypto? Here is a list of the most popular luxury brands that now accept crypto:

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a major well known American fashion brand which was founded by fashion designer Ralph Lauren in 1967. The company opened a new Miami-based concept store in April 2023 and is said to accept crypto payments like ETH, BTC, Polygon (MATIC), and Dogecoin. The company has a wide variety of luxury products like designer handbags, accessories, and clothing. Many of the Ralph Lauren stores have been designed with a more modern touch that incorporates a digital atmosphere with interactive screens that will allow customers to schedule styling appointments and even browse through the latest catalogs. 

TAG - Hauer

TAG Heuer is a popular Swiss brand best known for its iconic, elegant, and luxury timepieces. The company announced that they would be accepting cryptocurrencies as a new form of payment on their US website in May 2022. The website will accept 12 of the available cryptocurrencies for purchases of up to $10,000. Amongst some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, they will also accept five USD-pegged stablecoins, namely; USDT, USDC, DAI, Binance USD (BUSD), and True USD (TUSD).


The French luxury fashion brand started accepting cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) in June 2022. These digital coins can be used as payment for all online transactions and can also be used at some of their flagship stores based in the US. Balenciaga is looking to add more digital currencies to their list of cryptocurrencies customers can currently use.


The Italian luxury fashion brand launched “SuperGucci”, a non-fungible token (NFT) collection in February 2022. The collection is a collaboration of vinyl toy brand and Superplastic. About two months after the launch, GUCCI announced that some of their US stores will start accepting crypto payments, making it easier for customers to shop as they will send each customer an email with their unique QR code to make payment through their crypto wallets. 


Another legendary Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot, was one of the first luxury brands to adopt crypto payment options for their customers. In 2018 the brand accepted Bitcoin (BTC) for their Big Bang Meca-10 P2P limited edition watch. The brand then announced in June 2022 that it will start accepting 13 cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDC, SHIB, and DOGE for transactions of up to $30,000.


The digital fashion platform, Farfetch announced in October 2022 that it will accept crypto payments across 37 countries. The British-Portuguese store will accept currencies like Tether (USDT), ETH, USD Coin (USDC), BTC, and more.


Off-White customers can now buy their most loved fashion items with crypto currencies like Binance Coin (BNB), BTC, USDT, Ripple (XRP), and even ETH. Since April 2022 Off-White started accepting cryptocurrencies and unlike other luxury brands, they do not have a set payment limit. However, crypto payments are only accepted at the brands flagship stores based in Milan, London, and Paris.

Why Would Luxury Brands Accept Crypto?

Even with its great benefits, some might still wonder why luxury brands would consider accepting cryptocurrencies. However, for luxury brands cryptocurrencies bring about innovation, as customers will see the brand as being tech-savvy and forward-thinking. The introduction of crypto payments will allow brands to gain traction from various groups of people by attracting new customers and expanding their audience. 


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