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8 Garage Door Safety Tips You Must Follow To Prevent Thieves

Beyond being a mere car park and storehouse, your garage is an entry point to your house and could be targeted by thieves. The security of your garage has become more important with the rise in burglaries and break-in cases. There is much at stake regarding garage security, from highly-priced tools, machinery and easy access to your home. Here are 8 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Thieves. By following these proactive steps, you can secure your garage while enjoying greater peace of mind, knowing your house is safe. Let us review some important safety measures against burglary and theft in garages.

Here Are The Garage Door Safety Tips You Must Follow To Prevent Thieves

Install a reliable garage door opener with rolling code technology

Buying secure garage door openers with a rolling code technology is an important guideline for avoiding thieves in your garage. It is an advanced feature that produces a new access code whenever the garage door is operated, making it very difficult for criminals to intercept and copy such codes. 

Unlike previous versions with fixed codes that offenders can easily take advantage of, rolling code technology enhances security by preventing any unauthorized access attempts. With this novel characteristic on their garage door opener, homeowners can substantially minimize break-ins, hence protecting their property and valuables from theft.

Keep your garage door remote out of sight, and never leave it in your vehicle

To keep thieves at bay from stealing your garage doors, it is vital to always store your remote control somewhere hidden and avoid keeping it in the car. Leaving the remote control where everyone inside your car can see it might help one unwittingly open up his or her garage and even home. 

In search of a vehicle with a possible garage door opener, burglars frequently target vehicles outside houses, knowing they can directly access the house through them. Keeping your garage door remote hidden away rather than leaving it in your automobile would prevent this breach against which opportunist thieves can take advantage and prevent unauthorized entry into someone’s home.

Ensure your garage door has a solid, sturdy construction

A main point of safety in garages is having a garage door that is built solidly. It is harder for individuals to enter your home through the garage if there is a strong garage door that acts as a barrier against them. They often go for homes with light and weak doors because it takes just minutes to break them in. 

If you get such kinds of materials and build your gate with stronger materials, they can provide extra security to your property and scare away possible thieves. At the same time, inspecting it frequently and ensuring its sturdy condition will keep it functioning well for longer durations, which will save your house from any robbery attempts.

Use a garage door lock or deadbolt for added security

An important safety advice to prevent thieves is to use a garage door lock or deadbolt for additional security. It is common for homeowners to fully rely on the automatic lock of their garage door opener, which can be tampered with and hacked. 

Mounting a lock or deadbolt gives an extra layer of security, making it hard for burglars to get in through your garage. These supplementary locks are meant to reinforce the safety of your garage door, hence completely removing any unauthorized entry attempts.

Install motion-sensing lights around your garage perimeter

If you want a useful garage door security tip to keep burglars away, put motion-sensing lights around your garage. They are security devices against possible intruders because they bring illumination around our garage in case of any motion. 

Apart from making you aware of any movement near your garage, this flash also scares thieves who might have wanted to break into your house. Motion-sensing lights, which increase visibility and act as a deterrent, enhance the safety of your home and garage. This is very important when considering that these lights can improve safety for families when moving in and out of their garages during the night; also, security becomes another factor.

Keep windows covered or frosted to prevent visibility into the garage

One of the most important tips for garage door safety is to keep the windows covered or frosted so that nobody can look into the garage. The windows in your garage can be used by predators who want to know what is inside and how they could get into it. 

Therefore, cover or frost your garage door’s windows so that it becomes hard for thieves to snoop inside while assessing what may be contained in the space. Doing this simple thing will reduce the risk of breaking because thieves will not consider stealing from your garage if they cannot see valuable items there.

Consider installing a security camera system for surveillance

Prevent burglars by installing a security camera system for surveillance. Security cameras are very effective against intruders since they monitor your garage and the property day and night. The security cameras, apart from scaring away thieves, deter them while providing crucial evidence in case of any breach of security. 

The up-to-date models come equipped with motion detectors, can operate in night vision mode, and can be viewed remotely as per an individual's convenience, thus making it possible for individuals to watch over their garages regardless of their location or time.

Always keep your garage door closed and securely locked

Thieves can be avoided by having your garage door locked and always kept closed. People tend to underestimate this easy yet extremely important precaution, which is very effective in keeping unauthorized people from intruding into your home. 

Leaving the garage doors open or unlocked allows criminals to quickly and stealthily enter your premises. Continuous closing of the garage door with tight locks builds a strong wall that keeps burglars at bay.

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