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Afraid Of Living In An Old House? Here's How To Make It Secure.

Something is charming about an old house. It may be the fact that it has already lasted a lifetime. Or, you may find yourself drawn to the sense of history that these homes have. But as a house ages, it becomes weaker, less sturdy, and, quite frankly, not as desirable.

Is living in an old house that bad? Well, it depends. Lots of people have lived in old houses their whole lives and have faced no problems. They may be a little unsteady, but it's not a big deal.

However, it might be more challenging if you're looking at the prospect of living in an old house that has yet to be lived in years. If you're afraid of living in an old house, read on. This article will show you how to make it secure.

Update the Electrical System

Updating an electrical system can include installing new outlets, switches, and circuit breakers and patching exposed wires. It is recommended to hire an electrician as they have the expertise necessary to carry out the job safely, and can inspect your system to ensure that it's working as it should. Searching for an electrician has been made easier thanks to the internet, and you can find out more here if you're looking to hire an experienced electrician for your project.

Updating your outlets can also go a long way in making an old house more secure. Outdated outlets can be a major fire hazard and a weak entry point for burglars.

Replacing your old outlets with modern ones equipped with GFCI and AFCI technology can protect your home from electrical fires and shocks while providing greater safety. These outlets also feature tamper-resistant designs that prevent burglars from accessing your wiring, thus discouraging any attempts of a home invasion.

Installing an updated outlet is easy and should take at most an hour - less if you own the right tools. Moreover, if you have an old fuse box, it is wise to install an electrical panel system to provide better safety for the home.

Installing new switches can also reduce the risk of a short circuit, a potential fire hazard. Modern switches are also designed to last longer and are more secure than their older counterparts. Furthermore, newer switches are easier to use and can be installed with as few as two screws.

Update Your Lighting

Install motion sensor lights around key entrances, such as outside front and back doors and near windows. Get LED lights or compact fluorescent bulbs that are energy efficient and reduce utility costs. If a motion sensor light is triggered, it will alert you to any movement on your property.

You should also install outdoor lights with a timer that will control when the lights turn on and off, helping you make your home less vulnerable to intruders. Installing flood lights also helps make your home more secure. Furthermore, you should consult a licensed electrician for additional advice on upgrading your lighting system.

Repair Walls

If you're afraid of living in an old house due to security concerns, one of the most important steps is to repair any weak walls. You can do it by demolishing any rickety walls and replacing them with plywood or masonry, alternating between layers of mortar and stones to ensure maximum stability. You should also pay close attention to any wall openings and add door jambs, roller shutters, and other heavy-duty fixtures to secure entrances and make them difficult to access.

The foundation is the most important aspect of inspecting when repairing walls. Contact a foundation repair business in Baltimore immediately if any walls or foundations have been weakened by water damage or another issue. It's best to look for local repair professionals to ensure quick and accessible service. If you take care of the foundation first, you will be able to repair any cracks, chips, and holes in the walls.

Add More Insulation

There is nothing that an intruder wants more than a cold, drafty home, and adding more insulation will help keep them out. If there are cracks or holes in the walls or floors, it's important to patch them up to prevent anyone from entering the home.

Insulation also helps keep the home warmer in the winter, making it feel safer and cooler in the summer. Modern home insulation Chicago (or wherever you may be) can also provide substantial savings in energy costs, allowing families to keep their homes secure without worrying about a heating or cooling bill that is too large. Another related step is to add weather stripping around any doors or windows, preventing drafts and ensuring no one can get in that way.

Update Your Locks

Often, old houses have outdated locks that may be easy to pick or manipulate. Getting in touch with a Brighton locksmith or one wherever you are to replace these locks with modern ones and deadbolts will help make your old house much more secure. Make sure to consider security bolts that require keys to both locks and unlock so that no one can access your home.

Install locks on your windows as well. Locks give you the peace of mind of knowing your windows are secure and cannot be easily opened from outside. You can also consider adding window screens with locks, installing a doorbell camera, or adding security bars to your windows for added protection.

Additionally, ensure that your locks are installed properly and reinforce the frame if possible. Make sure to keep your keys safe and have a key-chain alarm nearby.

Invest in a Home Security System

Home security systems are available in various forms - from basic to sophisticated - and can range from cameras, door and window sensors, and motion detectors to alarm systems. If budget is an issue, consider a basic system that still offers some layer of security, such as a doorbell camera or window/door sensors. However, in a more safe old house, a sophisticated system with a combination of motion detectors, cameras, as well as an alarm system is highly recommended.

Additionally, you should look into adding additional measures such as smart locks, fire alarm systems, and security lights to reinforce your security measures further. Taking these steps ensures you feel secure in your home and helps deter potential intruders from attempting to access your property.

Home Upgrades for Better Home Security

Old houses can be just as safe as new ones. With the proper safety measures, such as changing the locks, installing security cameras, and having repairs on your walls and foundations, you can rest assured that your home will be secure. The key is to act early and take the necessary steps for peace of mind. Please don't put it off--take action now to ensure your home is always secure.


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