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Airshare - Taking Safety and Simplicity to the Skies

The world outside your door looks different now. Understanding how to safely move around in it can be overwhelming. But surprisingly, one thing you can have peace of mind about right now is air travel. Because with Airshare, you have a safe and simple way to get wherever you need to go.

Since Airshare’s start in 2000, everyone from business executives to professional athletes to up-and-coming entrepreneurs have come onboard. They credit the private aviation company with helping them maximize their time, travel more efficiently, grow their businesses and most importantly, feel safe in the air.

And safety is something Airshare doesn’t take lightly. Airshare has received the IS-BAO Stage 3 and ARGUS Platinum designations—some of the highest standards achievable. Airshare is also an FAA Part 145 Repair Station. The company’s strong ties with Embraer meant Airshare was the launch customer for the new Phenom 100 in 2009 and the first fractional program to feature the Phenom 300 in 2010. In addition, they’ve earned the highly-coveted position as an Embraer Authorized Service Center.

Along with safety, Airshare prides itself on unrivaled simplicity. No matter if you’re in the market for a primary source of travel, supplemental lift or a reliable source to manage your aircraft, Airshare’s sensible, uncomplicated solutions make it easy to get the most out of each travel day and then get home.


No massive upfront sums. No complications. You’ll simply pay the program fee and then you’ll have access to ten flight days with unlimited hours* to use how you see fit over 24 months—never paying a cent more until you actually fly.

Fractional Ownership

Airshare’s fractional program is designed for efficiency—both in the air and in your wallet. And Airshare operates differently than other private aviation companies. Their revolutionary program will allow you to fly unlimited hours* in a single day. Which means you’ll be able to hit up multiple destinations without having to worry about how many flight hours you’re burning through.

Aircraft Management

Never fly solo with managing your own aircraft. Airshare ensures that every aspect of managing your aircraft is handled with the utmost care. Your aircraft will be treated like one of their own. You can also maximize your investment with great advantages, which includes offsetting your cost of ownership through the chartering of your aircraft and access to Airshare’s established fractional customer base. You can leverage the buying power of Airshare’s combined fractional and managed aircraft fleet for savings on fuel, insurance, and pilot training, and receive up to five days usage of their fractional fleet when you need access to a second aircraft or when your aircraft undergoes maintenance.

Charter Services

Whether you have an impromptu business meeting three time zones away or a European getaway to celebrate your anniversary, with their fleet of Managed Aircraft, as well as access to the worldwide charter market, Airshare has the resources to ensure you always receive the lift you need. Airshare Charter Services can accommodate the tightest schedule or most demanding requests to put you at ease during your flight.

No matter which program you’re interested in or how frequently you plan to travel, let Airshare customize a simple, easy-to-understand solution to fit your exact needs. Because you deserve to fly free from stress and worry, and most importantly, free from complication.

When you’re ready to experience the safety and simplicity of Airshare, visit or call 800-225-2862 to speak with an Airshare associate.


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