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Amer 120 - Innovation in Sustainability

The Flagship Amer 120 is characterized by the full-width superstructure, which allows to have all the spaces of the main deck (saloon, owner’s cabin, kitchen, etc.) of particularly large dimensions.

From the beginning, Amer has worked to improve their environmental footprint in building phases using a new innovative tool for create mouldings.

Volvo Penta Ips propulsion allows navigation with exceptional comfort, quiet and vibration-free and easy maneuverability with the joystick that greatly simplifies mooring maneuvering from 4 different points of the ship.

Another feature a key point for the shipyard is the consumptions reduced to a minimum. The ship is standard equipped with a Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizer that reduces the roll of the boat at anchor and the Humphree fins stabilizers that reduce it during navigation.

The perfect combination of these two stabilizers increases the comfort already exiting to an excellent level by the Volvo propulsion and electronic anchor tool.

The large windows of both the main deck and the cabins of the lower deck will allow a greater presence of natural light for more a fantastic blue waters view experience.

Not only for guests but a huge work has done for crew quartier, once crew is comfortable, guests will be more comfortable in their 5 cabins for 10 guests!

The ship Amer 120 will be introduced during next boat shows; she will be the first one in the world, for length, with the motorization Ips and Permare will maintain unchanged the Guinness record.

Permare has almost ten years’ experience in planning hull with multiple pods , from the 2012, year of  the first hull project  engineered  Volvo Penta.

Amer Yachts improves and support local communities for a sustainable school programs and sea biologists to preserve sea and oceans campaigns.

The Amer 120 is USA and Caribbean specs compliant.


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