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Luxury at its Finest: Life is Better Aboard 100ft Superyacht in the Italian Riviera

Nothing embodies luxury more than sailing around the Italian Riviera on a 100 foot yacht with wind in your hair and caviar in your belly. Imagine the feeling when your chief stewardess hands you a Dom Perignon before you even realize you want it, as the crew prepares the jet skis for your enjoyment. Luxury is a five star chef aboard your vessel, preparing divine gourmet specialties as your captain expertly navigates the turquoise waters. Only people who have experienced yachting in its full glory, will tell you that yachting is more of a lifestyle than an ordinary vacation.

Amer Yachts is an Italian custom super yacht builder, accompanied by the Seataly charter company that delivers a luxurious superyacht experience like no other. Crew members take pride in delivering exceptional service and can organize custom jazz sessions from local Italian artists. Guests can alternatively choose to attend the town of Senremo, (directly translated to the Music Town) which is home to a world-renowned music festival, which takes place in February. If you’re more passionate about sporting and game than the arts, crew members can accommodate golf competitions, as well as wine and cheese tastings around the highly acclaimed and prestigious Italian regions. Fishing lessons for children or if you’re an enthusiastic angler, private excursions led by professional Italian fishermen can be arranged to locally known hidden gems. The five star service, five star cuisine, five star entertainment and a bounty of recreational options, there is nothing comparable to the yachting world.

If you’d rather relax aboard the luxury vessel than partake in activities, the captain will sail you to secret treasure destinations like the Cinque Terre marine park or Camogli coast, which are both close in proximity to Portofino Gulf, Tuscany, Sardina Elba and South Italy designations. To embark on this journey, the ideal point of departure is the journey is the Sanremo in Portosole marina, close to the French border.

Amer Yachts has created the only superyacht in Italy to be powered by 4 lbs Volvo Penta in a five cabin version that grants maximum comfort and relaxation to deserving guests. The Amer Cento was awarded the most innovative superyacht in the 80-130 foot category at the Cannes boat show in 2016, and is also considered a trending design vessel for her very stylish and sophisticated interiors. Amer Yacht’s partnership with Permare Group is quickly becoming the most sought-after custom charter in the Mediterranean area. A private company, family owned and operated for three generations, Amer Yachts is synonymous with luxury and passion for the sea. The company is highly conscientious about the ecosystems health and actively works to reduce boat consumptions by working with three key elements. Balancing the weights on board, investing in performant hulls and adopting new technologies such as the lps propulsion system that Volvo Penta recently installed in all Amer Yachts. Amer Cento Seataly is a very silent, stable and easily maneuvered vessel. Guests on board can enjoy the navigation and the sea mooring in the French waters and Italian Riviera for an unforgettable holiday and lifestyle experience.




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