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Art Miami Got Hijacked

Art Miami got Hijacked. Art Miami is one the most prestigious international fairs, will be the hotspot for art collectors, dealers and like-minded people. The acclaimed Los Angeles street artist Hijack will for the first time be taking over an entire booth to show his new body of work with the title Think Outside The Frame. While a completely solo exhibition is a rare honor to bestow upon any artist at Art Miami, Hijack promises not to disappoint his audience; the result is sure to provoke and engage visitors as only his work can do. Through an unconventional melding of street and contemporary art influences, Hijack has been internationally lauded for bridging the distance between the vivid, yet often overlooked community of urban street art, and the more traditional establishment of classic and contemporary masterpieces. The effect is at once intriguing, thoughtful, and unforgettably bold, with themes that often highlight everyday social and political contradictions.

For his upcoming solo exhibition at Art Miami, Hijack continues to challenge and disrupt the space between street and museum masterpieces in his signature tongue-in-cheek style. By “hijacking” the contemporary field, and injecting the reverence and stature of classic art with the accessibility and urgency of street graffiti, for example, Hijack’s booth will artfully entice its visitors to face the dichotomies of life up-close. The faceless and hooded Hijack character serves as a visual representation of our increasingly digital and over-stimulated times, and his purposeful takeover of the exhibition’s artwork reminds us to remain fluid in a world that is constantly changing, and eager to distract.

Hijack himself has also designed Think Outside The Frame to shine a light on the often disjointed experience of the street artist: “The street artists of the world do not have the platform that is necessary to jumpstart their careers – this show has been created to highlight this journey,” says Hijack.

About Hijack

Hijack is one of today’s most anticipated and imaginative artists whose street art and thoughtfully-crafted contemporary pieces can be seen all over the globe. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and son of “Exit Through the Gift Shop” star Mr. Brainwash, he grew up steeped in the world of prolific street artists like Invader, Banksy, and Shepard Fairey. By observing the unique creative processes of these trailblazers first-hand, he spent his early years creating large-scale murals, and stealthy stencil art all over his home city.

Hijack then went on to more classical training where he learned to excel with oil paints, and find inspiration in the works of the most well-known, fine art masters. With a keen focus on incorporating meaningful messaging into his craft, Hijack’s own creative style paves an exciting path forward for the professional art world, one that exists symbiotically with the social and political world around all of us.

Known for his detailed stencil work, controlled paint drips and simple, yet striking urban compositions, Hijack’s signature style is rooted in a refreshing positivity. In addition, his work on cement, glass, and metal provide a fresh and raw juxtaposition of street art and fine art. For Hijack, art is a lifestyle, and his work endeavors to uncover the music and poetry of everyday life, by highlighting the beauty that presses on, in spite of our uncertainty and noise.

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