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ARTHA - Explore the Members-Only Wellness Sanctuary

ARTHA is a by invitation, a members-only wellness sanctuary offering comprehensive holistic rejuvenation and healing therapies to renew your mind, body and soul. They combine ancient wellness practices like Yoga, Meditation, Sound Bath, and Massage with new cutting-edge technologies like Infrared Sauna, Cryo-therapy, Float therapy, Thermal Shock Treatments, Cryo Facial Treatments, Contour Light and Endermologie. Each therapy was carefully selected after years of extensive research, focusing on non-invasive, non-medical modalities. Founded by Priyanka Khanna along with Chief Yoga Officer and Co-Founder Aree Khodai, and Founding Instructor, Tino DeMartino.

Elevated Lifestyle sat down with Founder Priyanka Khanna for the insider briefing on ARTHA, the much buzzed-about Los Angeles based yoga & wellness services membership studio.

Elevated Lifestyle: Why is ARTHA Unique?

Priyanka Khanna: RTHA’s mission is rooted in two things: community and wellness. Community and wellness are the driving force behind everything we do from hiring passionate employees, creating our classes and menu of offerings; to the design, the teachers, the therapists…everything comes down to creating the best community we can, focused on wellness, from the inside out.

What services are most popular?

Our Yoga Classes take the lead with Infrared Sauna & Cryo therapies in close second, along with our Endermologie in Treatments. We’re happy to say there is really something for everyone at any stage of their journey to wellness. Massage and Float tanks are also in high demand daily.

What is the ARTHA mentality?

The ARTHA mentality is one that truly supports wellness in our communities through the hiring and training of some of the best staff, to providing the most comprehensive set of classes, therapies and treatments under one roof.

Why did you create ARTHA?

Simple: to offer a wide array of offerings, all in one place. When looking for a place that offered similar treatments at reasonable prices, we found that nothing like ARTHA existed.

First, out of necessity. Second, out of the excitement to share a comprehensive set of treatments with our wellness family in Los Angeles…and beyond. To keep the circle sacred, we opted to create a members-only offering to help create community both inside the space and outside the Sanctuary through events like our inaugural ARTHA Holi Festival ( on March 19, 2022. This will be an annual event, which we are so excited to host for our Artha community.

What differentiates ARTHA from other wellness facifilites?

An intentional and well-thought through space, a carefully developed and dedicated app, a members-only facility, amazing staff: hosts, teachers and therapists.

Tell us about your expansion and why Studio City is next?

Our upcoming Studio City, California location, on Ventura Blvd., is double the size of our original West Hollywood location. With 14 Infrared Saunas, 2 Cryotherapy chambers, 3 Float rooms and 8 Treatment rooms, we are truly excited to expand our offering to our wellness family in The Valley!

Anything else key to mention?

If you’ve yet to join us, we’re happy to invite our friends from Elevated Lifestyle to ARTHA! To learn more, please visit our website to get a complimentary Member Experience Pass.

Visit online at and for inquiries.

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