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Atlas Ocean Voyages - Innovating Expedition-Style Travel

For the discerning traveler seeking new world discoveries, Atlas provides an option that combines exhilaration with sumptuous amenities and service. Their journeys are pioneering a fresh form of experiential travel made for the explorer spirit with comfortable sensibilities. Established under the Portuguese flag, they’re taking inspiration from the voyagers that came before them.

A Heritage of Exploration

Atlas’ Explorer Class expedition-style ships are the first US fleet to sail under the Portuguese flag. It’s a heritage that dates as far back as the famous Vasco da Gama, inspiring the spirit of discovery. This desire to set off and find new lands guides Atlas Ocean Voyages as they establish their luxe-adventure journeys as the perfect fit for modern explorers.

What is luxe-adventure travel?

The marriage of sumptuous and adventurous experiences puts Atlas in a category of their own. From start to finish, every all-inclusive voyage immerses guests in the perfect mix of laidback energy, delightful moments and invigorating opportunities for exploration. Taking place on a small ship with fewer than 200 guests, it’s easy for travelers to find intimate moments and connection with like-spirited explorers amid an ambience of understated elegance. It’s how Atlas Ocean Voyages creates unique journeys.

Delivering One-of-a-Kind Experiences on Land

Luxe-adventure expeditions are defined by incredible excursions, like exploring the ancient ruins of Nemea and ending with a wine tasting in the famed Skouras Winery. With a carefully curated selection of traditional land programs and thrilling experiences, there’s an adventure for every kind of traveler.

For explorers seeking high-energy adventures, Atlas’ land programs include opportunities for challenging experiences like rock climbing and rappelling. You can also achieve thrills with a glider flight over Marseille, a helicopter ride over Mt. Etna or an invigorating hike on the mountain. If you’re searching for a more traditional adventure, you can try hot air ballooning over an iconic landscape, lying on a beautiful Mediterranean beach or driving on a pleasant panoramic tour.

But Atlas’ land programs go beyond a simple categorization of easygoing or high adrenaline. Their itineraries include immersive experiences that take guests deep into a destination’s culture. From a delightful Egyptian dinner as you sit with the Pyramids of Giza right in front of you to an electrifying private show in St. Michael’s Cave in the Rock of Gibraltar, these are land programs uniquely crafted for Atlas Ocean Voyages’ guests.

Part of creating singular experiences on land includes culinary immersions. Take in the carefree island life in Santorini with a pleasant wine tasting and expansive view of volcanic landscapes. Or savor a delightful lunch at the two-starred Michelin restaurant Quattro Passi in Amalfi, where the cuisine is influenced by the region’s penchant for lemons, ripe tomatoes and the sea. Atlas brings this diverse sense of adventure to every aspect of a luxe-adventure journey, including the nautical paths they navigate.

Take to the Water

On board, guests are invited to watch for wildlife up close from Water’s Edge. Sitting just 30 feet above the water, they’re close enough to feel the spray of the sea as aquatic life breaches the surface. Going beyond the edge, they can also play in the water directly off the ship with options like paddle boarding and sea kayaking. In destinations like Antarctica, gliding through the water creates a sensation of awe and wonder that make their journey unforgettable. Explorations of the outer skirts await them, like Jet Skiing™ the Tuscany coast of Mount Argentario. Continuing into 2022, Atlas Ocean Voyages is taking explorers on luxe-adventure sailings to remarkable destinations.

New Lands on the Horizon

Guests have the chance to enjoy experiences like visiting a famous beach club in Saint-Tropez and docking near the iconic Columbus statue of Barcelona for excursions that get straight to the heart of adventure. With Atlas’ small ships, guests can hit the ground running as they get off in locales like London, as the ship docks next to Tower Bridge on the River Thames. Navigating epic scenes through the Mediterranean, Arctic, Baltic, British Isles, Iceland and Greenland, Norwegian Fjords, Northern Europe and more, guests will set sail on expeditions unlike any other.


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