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Bang & Olufsen - Beoplay EX & Beoplay A1 Dune

Beoplay EX are the most versatile true wireless earphone model from Bang & Olufsen with astounding sound, adaptive ANC and a fully waterproof design. Beoplay EX differs most notably from previous Bang & Olufsen earphones in the shape of its design - the stem-based shape has been adopted and transformed into a finished offering that is stylish and comfortable. The housing of the earphone placed inside the ear is smaller than ever before, and ensures a comfortable and stable fit that can be worn for hours without readjustment. With the latest in Bluetooth 5.2 technology and background noise reduction, Beoplay EX make it easy to go wireless and connect whether that’s in the office, on the move, in the gym or at home.

Cecilie Manz, the original designer of Bang & Olufsen’s popular Beosound A1 2nd Gen, has created a custom, limited-edition version of the Bluetooth speaker called Beosound A1 DUNE. Using the aluminium grill as a “creative canvas”, 100 ombre speakers have been created which were anodized by hand in Bang & Olufsen’s factory in Struer, Denmark.

Manz says the pebble-like shape of the speaker inspired the subtle color palette that is reminiscent of sand dunes overlooking the sea. The hand blending process for anodizing the aluminum is a brand-new process developed specifically for this launch. Each of the 100 speakers will be one-of-a-kind and will come with a unique numbering.


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