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Best Popular Lighting Trends to Watch Out in 2024

The right lighting can transform even a dull space and create the absolute ambiance and warm welcome you’ve been looking for yourself and your guests. Lighting can bring an interior space to life and enhance your home’s most beautiful and fancy materials. Here is a look at some of the lighting trends that have come a buzzing in 2024 and are sure to be a hit at your upcoming family shindigs and summer sprees and soirees. 

Oversized Light Fixtures

It appears that one of the most popular lighting trends of 2024 is to go big and bold as many property owners have been asking for oversized fixtures more than anything. Big, bold and dramatic light fixtures are useful for adding a wow factor and taking up some of that large space you may have in your home. That means they are not just mere lighting fixtures but statement pieces. 

Additionally, the advantage is that you don’t even need to add these light fixtures in every room. If you are on a tight budget, you can simply dot more modest fixtures throughout your interior and only splurge on big bold and dramatic designs in your kitchen, living room, foyer or wherever you want to make a design statement.

Big and bold fixtures are also perfect for setting the mood, providing light and creating perfect vibes in cafe shops, bars and restaurants. Think grand artistic design chandeliers like the epoch vintage industrial fixture that boats nine to seventeen Edison bulbs in sleek black cones suspended by rugged ropes. 

Mixed Metals

Matching metals in homes is no longer in fashion as owners go for a personalized and eclectic feel. We are talking fixtures that combine different metal finishes to add luster and alleviate the personality of a space but without turning into a hideous Frankenstein design. 

Mixed metal lighting is a departure from the older principle of matching all the metals in a space because then you are just limiting the personality of your interior. Additionally, with the old design principle, you would h need to switch up metal finishes every time you want to mix things up, which can become overwhelming and pricey in the long run. 

Nowadays designers are incorporating mixed metal finishes in fixtures to add depth and dimension to a space and tie together different design elements such as furniture and hardware in a visually interesting way. 

This trend just requires that the metals complement each other. Additionally, avoid going overboard with too many metals. keep things posh and purposeful and include some of the items from each metal throughout other areas of your space so that no one metal stands alone.

LED Sculpture Lights

Forget about sculpting only the bases of lamps. Malleable LEDs are in vogue. This versatile material allows designers to play with doodles, scribbles and lighted sketches for a more creative, fresher and adaptive take on classic LEDs. This way lighting fixture designs meet artistic expression in a fantastic way. 

Think fixtures that not only provide the light you need but are also alive with color, movement, and can even react to their environment - - and all with the inherent ability to change the LED intensity and create a variety of atmospheres. Consider this a more advanced version of neon or picture lights. You can incorporate these fixtures in your wall design or deploy them independently. 

Eco-friendly Lighting

Eco-friendly, green or whatever the term you have for sustainable living practices, has made its way into lighting too with designers coming up with energy efficient bulbs encased in natural resource-based structures such as feathers, wood and bamboo. It’s all in an effort to meet consumers' demand for eco-friendly lighting as part of sustainable living. 

And what’s more, eco-friendly isn’t just in the use of LED bulbs and wood-based elements but also in the way the fixtures themselves are designed. Weare talking luxurious and dramatic feather texture chandeliers with branch-like stand or lush meadows. 

Quiet Luxury

In life, sometimes two opposite things can be true in simultaneity. We are talking about some people’s love for opulence lighting fixtures and other’s preference for quiet understated luxury. Take a look at the understated luxury of this Arisha modern pendant light fixture in ring form, or these Sienna flush mount rings.

We’ve design tested these matte black and white fixtures for durability and can proudly say that you will be getting value for your money for a long time. 

Okay, that's it on popular light trends to keep your eye on in 2024. Whether you’ve made up your mind about a design or need further chat to learn more about our fixtures, give us a call to speak with experts for assistance today. 


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