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Best Ways to Hang Your Pictures Effectively

Hanging pictures on the wall is a great way to enhance your living space. It can also be frustrating for those who do not have a plan or strategy for hanging their pictures.

The following pic hanging techniques will help make the best out of them. Let’s explore.

Choosing the Right Pictures to Hang

Before you begin hanging any pictures, it is important that you first determine what kind of effect you would like to achieve.

Do you want your room to look elegant and sophisticated, or modern and fun? Determining the type of mood you would like your room to convey will help you choose the suitable artwork. You will also need to make sure that you have the appropriate frames for your pictures - if you don't, or your artwork is an awkward size and doesn't fit in regular frame sizes, you could look into getting someone like these framers in London to create a frame just for you that will perfectly fit your picture in.

Where to Hang Your Pictures

Hanging your picture on a wall may seem as easy as hammering a nail and hanging the picture, but it can be quite a challenge when you are trying to balance aesthetics with function.

For example, if you had a large and heavy painting, it wouldn't be wise to hang it above your bed where someone could bump into it at night.

Also, if your house has high ceilings and there is plenty of space between the walls, you may want to consider hanging artwork around the perimeter.

It gives the illusion of lower walls and more space in your room.

Lighting is everything

The best way to create a picture-perfect room is to ensure that your light source is in the right spot. Mirrors are the easiest way to add light to the space, but natural lighting is the best.

In the winter months, open up your blinds and let the sunshine in. If you have large windows, try to keep them on the left or right side of your wall art.

Art will be perfectly lit when hung correctly without any additional help needed.

Look for the focal point

The focal point is where you want the attention to go. You'll also have to take into account the space between each frame.

Ideally, each picture should have at least 2 inches of space next to it to not crowd or make it look smaller.

If you are hanging a piece of art that has multiple items in it, you may want some space in-between because otherwise, they might become too crowded and overwhelm your wall.


In the end, the best option for you will depend on both your situation and what you are trying to accomplish.

For example, if you have a lot of wall space and want to display several photos together, it may be best to hang them vertically.

But if you prefer more variety and a more gallery-like appearance, horizontal orientation could work better for you.


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