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Reinventing the Pergola: The Exclusive Distributor for a New Alternative to Pergola

BIOCLIMATIC STRUCTURES,LLC are the exclusive distributors of Solisysteme Pergolas in the U.S. They are offering businesses and homeowners a unique alternative to wooden pergola structures with their bioclimatic-adjustable aluminum louvered roof pergolas.

Durable louvers rotate to regulate sunlight fluctuations for ventilation, temperature control and brightness. When closed, they form a dedicated gutter system to protect from rain. The pergolas are remote-controlled and equipped with rain sensors that automatically close the louvers when you are away from home.

In addition to this model, they are offering the new Arlequin pergola. With its colorful sliding panels, it reinvents the pergola. This pergola is structured to play with shadows and colors in such a way that it creates a magical outdoor experience every time. Open all the panels for full sun or close them to protect you from the elements. This too has its own dedicated gutter system. Both can be customized to include lights, heaters, automated blinds and more. Their unique pergola systems transform and expand your outdoor living space.





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