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The Forces of Energy & Relaxation in Bora Bora

Situated on the high summit of the Resort’s motu, the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is where the forces of energy and relaxation meet in harmony - where the surging, raw power of the ocean meets the lagoon’s tranquility, capturing the unique balance that defines Bora Bora. With its soaring 22-metre (72-foot) ceiling, the Spa provides a depth of view in all directions, surrounded by native trees and the fragrance of the kahaia blossom. To the east the vast Pacific tide breaks upon the reef, each wave revealing a different color as it reflects the tropical sun: shades of azure, ultramarine, cobalt. To the west lies the sheltered, verdant serenity of the lagoon.

Raised walkways, suspended above a plantation of pandanus trees, lead to the Spa’s seven air-conditioned treatment rooms. The spacious Kahaia Spa Suite, with glass floor suspended above the lagoon’s pristine waters is the ultimate experience for guests, providing absolute privacy for a couple, over the tranquil lagoon. Guests can also combine their chosen treatment with the natural healing energy of Bora Bora’s climate in one of two open-air treatment pavilions, nestled deep within the tropical grove.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with an herbal infusion and scented cooling towel. In preparation for their treatment, guests are guided to the water experiences, where they relax in the vitality pool, steam room and sensory shower. A short time in the relaxation room is the final step in preparation, ensuring the mind and body are at ease and ready for therapy.

The South Pacific has a rich history, called taurumi, of passing down the art of healing massage and therapeutic treatments from generation to generation. It also offers a veritable trove of natural therapies, extracted from native fruits, herbs and other elements that harness the islands’ energy and flourish in its midst. Monoi oil, produced by combining native tiare flowers with the natural oil of local coconut, has been used for skin care by generations of Polynesians, a people known for their youthful appearance. Black pearl powder, or parau, is used in skin treatment for its exfoliating and revitalizing attributes. The islands’ native vanilla has long been known to traditional medicine for its ability to deepen breathing, as well as for its energizing and aphrodisiac qualities. Volcanic basalt forms the foundation of hot stone treatments, sea salt the key element of exfoliating scrubs, and seaweed the basis of full-body wrap treatments.

The Spa’s signature two-hour treatment is the Kahaia Haven Ritual, ideal for sharing with a loved one in our overwater Spa Suite. A skin-smoothing body treatment begins with cleansing using naturally exfoliating apricot kernel and aloe, intertwined with legendary Tahitian black pearl powder and native fragrant vanilla. Once the skin is prepared, an exquisite volcanic hot stone massage follows. Designed to maintain equilibrium and inner harmony, this ancient therapy, known as ofai in the South Pacific, grounds and centres the mind and body, ensuring physical and emotional balance. This two-hour ritual concludes with a holistic and de-stressing express facial, rich in antioxidants and plant extracts, ensuring the skin is hydrated, nourished and renewed.


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