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Burger Boat Company - Create a Life of Adventure

For those dreaming of a life of adventure, the time to see the world is now.

Do you dream of islands, remote ports where you arrive in style, or the clear stars of a night sky reflected in the ocean around you? Do you dream of jumping into warm water, skimming over the clear blue sea in a jet ski while your yacht rests at anchor and land is just a glimmer on the horizon? Do you dream of those limitless experiences on a yacht you’ve helped design and christened?

With the right partner, you can create a custom yacht—a home away from home—to experience the faraway corners of the world, or the familiar harbors where you greet family and friends and celebrate from sunrise to sunset.

That’s the limitless life; the life available to the dreamers and adventurers, the life available when you begin a relationship with Burger Boat Company.

The life available when you see the world in your Burger.

Choice and Collaboration

Building a custom yacht means choices. Limitless choices to meet limitless ambitions. The best way to create a tangible step forward for those ambitions—to make them real—is to have a conversation with a yacht builder.

Building a custom yacht with Burger gives you the collaboration you need to dream big and enhance every detail to create the journey of a lifetime. Backed by generations of shipbuilding expertise, Burger Boat Company works with its clients to help them realize their dream with ease. Burger builds its team, operations, and plans around you, the owners with whom it works. It’s the only way to help people achieve their dream when they make the choice to pursue it.

Burger will review a series of yacht concepts to get each client started, discussing the options and potential inclusions based on each client’s requirements. From these starting points, Burger clients begin their journey. Many choose to visit Burger’s state-of-the art shipyard in Manitowoc, Wis., on the shores of Lake Michigan, to review progress. Clients will work alongside Burger’s engineers and design team to develop the specifics, review plans, and make decisions as they watch their dreams materialize before their eyes. Conceptual designs and renderings include collaborative choices around hull design, exterior styling, and interior floor plans, and special requirements, including recreational and entertainment space. And, of course, as much luxury design as a client craves. Once a client approves the design, Burger prepares a detailed plan for the yacht’s construction; from development of milestones to key points of approval, it’s a collaborative process designed to give new yacht owners confidence in their journey as they prepare for the exciting launch their new yacht.

To begin a conversation that can lead to your own limitless experience, call Burger Boat Company’s Ron Cleveringa at +1 (920) 686-5117 or email at


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