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Cable Wine Systems - Turn Your Wine Collection Into a Work of Art

The Cable Wine System has become the “must have” feature for both residential and commercial wine collections. Its sophisticated and versatile nature provides clients the freedom to create cellars and/or displays that are both functional and beautiful, while adding value to any home or business property. The Cable Wine System may be placed in a cooled or non-cooled environment, and the quality and construction of the Cable Wine System is second to none. Whether you prefer to organize your bottles neck out, or label view, the versatility of the Cable Wine System allows for consistent airflow throughout the entire collection, while making every bottle easy to locate and access.

Today’s consumers who are constantly searching for fresh ideas that reflect their own personal tastes and style, will appreciate the creative flexibility that the Cable Wine System has to offer over other, more traditional wine storage options. By mixing and matching the various installation configurations with one or more of our contemporary finishes, client’s can create a space that is guaranteed to impress anyone who sees it.

The Cable Wine System stands apart from other more traditional wine racking systems in several significant ways. Aside from the versatility of its installation options, the minimalist nature of the Cable Wine Systems provides clients with excellent label visibility as well. In addition, the Cable Wine System can accommodate a wider variety of bottle sizes within the same column from 375ml-1500ml (1.5L) without having to deviate from the standard configuration or purchase additional parts.

Available in a variety of contemporary finishes (chrome, silver pearl, satin black and satin gold), the Cable Wine System provides clients with the flexibility to mix and match in order to create a cellar or feature wine display that is truly one of a kind and unique to them. Whether your design style is more traditional or modern, this system can be customized to enhance or compliment any space.

Sold by the piece and hand assembled on site by a qualified contractor, proper reinforcement is key with the installation of this tension-based system. Whether installed from ceiling to floor or within cabinetry, this wine racking system is equally stunning. The vertical cables are available in two lengths (10’ and 20’) that can be modified on site. Clients also have the ability to design their system to store fewer than the maximum number of bottles in order to highlight features behind or beyond the system such as stone work or accent walls. The high visibility through the system has also made it ideal to use as a dividing line between two larger rooms or spaces.

As wine cellars are ever evolving to include more contemporary designs and features such as works of art, unique furniture, and other prized possessions, the collecting and storage of wine continues to become increasingly more popular. Whereas basements used to be the “go to” spot for most wine storage areas, with modern refrigeration options, wine cellars and displays can now be incorporated almost anywhere within your home or business.

Steve Papadimitriou, the owner and creator of the Cable Wine Systems, recently stated “I am very excited to be able to offer our client’s a variety of choices when it comes to designing and creating a wine racking system for their home. We are continuously exploring new ideas when it comes to finishes, following the trends, and staying flexible when it comes to design, all the while remaining true to our original vision for the Cable Wine System.”

Family owned and operated, this is more than a Mom and Pop shop. The Cable Wine System is not a “do it yourself” system. A qualified general contractor is required to install the system in order to ensure that it is safely and properly installed. Cable Wine Systems’ product has been sold around the world in countries including Canada, USA, Dubai, Isle of man, Australia, throughout Europe and beyond.

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