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Cantiere del Pardo - Pardo GT52

Cantiere del Pardo has just launched its brand-new Pardo GT52. A novelty that is positioned between the Walkaround and the Endurance range, appealing to a segment of owners looking for even more spacious and comfortable volumes than the current walkaround models - but without sacrificing performance. The new 52-footer in which the central element to its design is based around the continuity between the interior and exterior spaces, as already seen on board the Endurance 60: stern doors which can be opened completely and the roof in semi-open mode. A complete reorganization of the spaces also offers a wider usability of the cockpit, with a dining area and extended sunbathing areas, as well as a more generous and flexible ‘liveability’ below deck. This is due to the possibility of twin interior layouts (galley up or galley down) that transforms the perception of space, enhancing the time spent on board especially during long distant cruising. “It is stimulating to imagine life on board the Pardo GT52 considering these two layout options in the living area” – says Massimo Gino from Nauta Design. “On one hand, a solution with a large super-equipped galley close to the guests in the cockpit and with a large relaxation area with TV on the lower deck; and on the other hand, a galley and a very large dinette lounge on the main deck.”

Clean, unmistakable hull lines, with the inverted bow typical of the Pardo Yachts family, however with an exterior layout that emphasises the relaxation areas. These design choices underline the attention to detail paid to the space available for guests, as confirmed by the Zuccheri Yacht Design studio: “The hull of the Pardo GT52 is an evolution of that found on the Pardo 50, in which also shares the Volvo Penta IPS motorization. Apart from this choice, the two models have substantial differences in terms of internal volumes, weight distribution and centre of gravity”.

The interiors of the GT52 are designed to provide an experience between comfort and functionality. Every square inch has been designed with the idea of creating living spaces that are typical of a luxury apartment: starting from the master cabin connected to a large head with shower at the bow. followed by the VIP cabin with head and the crew cabin. As already mentioned, two layout options are available: galley up and galley down. With the first one, it is possible to have a lounge area with TV or a third cabin with bunk beds on the lower deck level, with the second one, the dinette is even bigger and the galley below deck is even more equipped to be use even in colder weather.

The innovative solutions of the GT52 are evident, as Massimo Gino of Nauta Design explains: “The Pardo 52GT represents the cross-over between a walkaround and a classic cabin cruiser. The lounge on the main deck is protected by the superstructure and can be completely opened towards the stern, the door of the lounge and the two aft windows make it possible to put the latter in direct connection with the large and functional cockpit, or to separate the lounge from the outside by creating an internal area that can be cooled down or heated depending on the conditions. In the top there is a large sliding roof for optimal ventilation. The sidewalks go up to the deck level to create a very large forward deck area- Due to the flush deck, important volumes are gained in the bow interiors where the master area is located.

The GT52 inherits the best of Pardo Yachts innovation in terms of construction quality, technology applied to boating and the needs of its owners who want to enjoy the sea and the ocean in total safety and autonomy. Sustainability is also a key feature of the new yacht from Cantiere del Pardo: indeed, the engine room of the GT52 is already set up for the Volvo hybrid engine, a solution that will soon guarantee performance with the lowest possible impact on the marine environment.


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