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Castro Lighting -Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta, the color chosen by the Pantone Institute for 2023 is the talk of the moment, and it’s also taking over all the types of every décor style. With winter and the holidays coming around, nothing better than a bold and passionate color like this one to create perfect harmony in your house and elevate your spaces.

Having this in mind, Castro is delighted to present some interior design tips to guide you through the decorating process of the living spaces to impress your guests and leave them speechless. The arrival of the holidays is a synonym for family reunions at the table, meaning you’ll have to provide the best comfort for your loved ones while not compromising on the elegance of the space. To accomplish that, we recommend Castro’s brand-new furniture addition - the Columns Chair.

The Columns chair is a bespoke luxury furniture piece designed with innovative creativity, bearing in mind a modern-day elegance married with playful geometry elements. A perfect blend of gold-plated brass structure alongside refined fabric in Viva Magenta hues frames the chair.

The handmade furniture design has these powerful brass legs that secure the chair and balance simplicity with the ultimate sophistication, highlighting its smart functionality and unparalleled beauty.

The Columns chair is a new classy object of furnishings and another great addition to Castro lifestyle designs.

This lavish custom-tailored home accessory is a fine complement to decorating a spacious living room, bedroom, study, or library in luxury hotels.


Inspired by the Greek myth of Niobe, the Teardrop Suspension aims to honour the eternal tears shed by this mythological figure.

A gold-plated brass structure combined with the brilliance and uniqueness of crystals provides a statement of luxury to this suspension that gives any room a superior and prestigious sense. A final touch of sophisticated suspended crystals, representing Niobe’s tears, makes this piece unforgettable

These unique characteristics turn the Teardrop Suspension the ideal choice for wide spaces and will certainly capture everyone’s attention.


Indulge in the sophistication of this magnificent dining table. Eléa embodies the concept of Hellenic in a way to celebrate epic Ancient Greece and its rich culture.

This table features the eucalyptus frisé wooden top alongside a sleek lacquered brass finish, turning it into the perfect union of materials and harmony of forms.

The Eléa Dining Table is a fashionable addition to any space that brilliantly captures a balanced, softly lit style that will leave your guests amazed by its beauty and grace.


Inspired by the delicate musical instrument, the Harp chair aims to bring a sense of refinement and luxury to every space. This visionary upholstery emphasizes comfort and effortless elegance without losing its distinctive aesthetic.

The artistic design idea was rooted in the elements and shape of the harp, as the chair’s legs resemble the golden strings. The gold-plated brass tubes on the backrest reveal the delicacy of this majestic instrument.

Defined by clean lines, this refined lifestyle furniture may be implemented in an unlimited context and complement any interior style, from contemporary to classic. The iconic look of this outstanding furniture piece is achieved with a wide range of fabrics and textiles to fit residential or hospitality projects.


Spacium, the Latin word for “space”, is one of the most elegant designs as it reflects the power and grandeur it offers. This handmade suspension emanates an idea of magnificence and unique beauty, evoking a distinctive look. Only composed of crystals, this piece reflects the light in a very specific and singular way, imposing a dynamic look on all interiors.

The crystals featured in this circular chandelier give an extravagant and elegant sense to its surroundings. Assembled in a distinctive composition of two opposite layered crystals, this stunning handmade chandelier features several versions (I, II, IV levels) of gemstone components so one can adorn interior design projects in a bespoke way.

All sleek details from this contemporary lighting design add a sense of visual delight and make the surrounding ambiance of any room feel exclusive and enriched. Be visually inspired by this dazzling light, ideal for wider areas as it produces a gorgeous effect as you enter any room.

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