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Chateau St. Martin - Serenity Awaits

By Compass + Twine

Perched on a hill top overlooking the town of Vence, France, Chateau Saint Martin & Spa is one of the dreamiest properties we’ve ever set foot on. Olive and cypress trees line the driveway and the smell of lavender hits you the second you open the door. Two bunnies hop around the front lawn, greeting guests and making the whole experience seem whimsical at this Provence property.

The history at this stunning property is incredibly interesting and as rich and lovely as the views. Originally built in the year 350 as a home for Saint Martin, the Bishop of Tours, the castle was then given to the Crusaders. Later, in 1150, it changed hands again, this time given to the Knights Templar. It was purchased and restored in 1900 by a Polish count, became a hotel in 1954, and in 1994 the Oetker Collection took over.

Today, the rooms are spacious and insanely comfortable, most with a balcony offering lovely views. You can spend mornings outside, enjoying a breakfast of creamy eggs, fresh squeezed juice, and warm croissants dunked in sweet jam. Heaven on earth.

Dining at the on-site restaurant Le Saint-Martin is truly a treat. The atmosphere is nearly as beautiful as the views and a meal there will be forever embedded in your memory. The menu at the Michelin starred restaurant, run by Chef Jean-Luc Lefrançois, is very French and focuses on local specialties. Guest favorites are ‘Egg’ (nestled in a brioche shell and served with seasonal vegetables), ‘Leek’ (grilled over charcoal and served in a tart), and ‘Sea Bass’ (pistachio crusted and served with polenta).

Chateau Saint Martin & Spa is a magical property, nestled in the mountains above Vence. From the moment you arrive, you’ll find yourself coming up with reasons to never leave. If only there were a spell to make it home!

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