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Compass Tenders - Limitless Latitude

It was during the full-custom build of the 11.6m limousine tender for the 92m Lurssen-built Lady Lara, that Compass Tenders’ CEO Richard Faulkner first considered building semi-custom limousine tenders for clients who weren’t totally comfortable with the idea of the full-custom option – perhaps due to their preference for a tried-and-tested hull design, using a known engineering & equipment package, requiring a shorter delivery time or possible budget limitations. Faulkner realised that the right semi-custom platform could in fact still allow clients to progress their ideas and requirements with a certain amount of freedom, whilst ensuring operational performance.

The result was Compass Tenders’ Latitude series – a range of limousine tenders that all utilise the same hull form but with various superstructure styles to choose from, or the option to adapt and personalise. As the name suggests, this range has been specifically designed to give the client an amount of latitude to make decisions based on their personal preferences.

Unveiled to the market in 2017, the Latitude range has already enjoyed enormous success. The array of custom options possible means there is very little compromise when it comes to styling features and today, the various Latitude limousines on the water partner their parent superyachts with perfect family character.

Richard explains why the company, who are famed for their custom-builds, decided to add this option to their portfolio: “The Latitude range embodies our 15 years’ experience and incorporates the finest aspects of the 55 bespoke tenders that we’ve built to date. For many clients, the reliability that comes with tried and tested methods is important. Build time is often a concern for clients but with the Latitude models, rather than rushing to acquire something ‘off the shelf’ that may be sub-par, they can work with us to create a Latitude limousine that meets both the required parameters of performance and desired aesthetics.”

In fact, it was models from the Latitude range that provided the platforms for three of Compass’ most recognisable builds: A 10m limousine for Feadship’s 110m Anna, a 10.9m limousine for OceanCo’s 90m Dreamboat, and a 10m limousine for the 87m Lurssen-built Avantage.

The Latitude hull form has proven its prowess time and time again and the advanced engineering package, selected by Compass’ expert team, uses the very best marine technology and components.

For Richard Booth, Senior Project and Sales Manager at Superyacht Tenders & Toys, who frequently recommend Compass Tenders to their clients, it’s the speed of delivery that has the greatest appeal: “We are currently working on our 10th project with Compass! Their commitment to building an outstanding custom tender and doing so within what is quite often an ambitious timeline is impressive but their attention to detail, exceptionally high level of finish and some very innovative design and engineering is really what sets them apart. When we’ve been working to tight timescales, Compass’ Latitude platform has enabled us to provide tenders for our clients with a guaranteed on-water performance, functional and well-thought-out engineering, and every bit of style, design flare and luxury finish you’d expect from a high-end full-custom tender, without the complexities and unknowns of a one-off design. It’s a very cost effective and time efficient solution, and one that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Models in the Latitude range are identified by their coachroof styles. The North provides a traditional and classic water-taxi-style with a full-length coachroof. The East has more of a curve to its profile and maximises interior space. The South is similar to the design of the East but the saloon cabin space is open to the aft deck and, finally, the West utilises the same curved coachroof profile but in a shortened format, creating space for exterior aft seating.

The UK-based yard has four Latitude Limousine tenders currently in build, whose owners have opted to take advantage of this versatile platform. All have chosen to customise the deck and coachroof, and by working with the exterior designers of the mothership, Compass are able to incorporate multiple styling features of the superyacht – resulting in a semi-production vessel that’s as close to custom as they come.


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