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Conch & Coconut - Exploring Harbour Island Has Become a “Briland Breeze”

You’ve just landed in Harbour Island and now…paradise awaits!

Nestled in the heart of The Bahamas and dubbed by Forbes “the crown jewel of the West Indies,” Harbour Island (known as Briland to the locals), is a three and a half-mile stretch of land teeming with incomparable beauty, world-class cuisine, arts, and culture. Here you’ll inherit the island’s infectious laid-back atmosphere and discover a retreat from the hectic rituals of daily life.

You’ll enjoy long days on the water exploring deserted islands, relaxing on the pink sand beach, strolling quaint streets, popping into tiny boutiques filled with handcrafted treasures, and sip Pink Sand Spirits cocktails (a local favorite!) on the waterfront at sunset. From the colorful, classic architecture and flower-lined streets to the warm pink sands and calm crystal waters that surround us, Harbour Island has become an idyllic respite for those seeking to kick back and “Crack Open the Good Life.”

When deciding to visit this pristine paradise you’ll need a helping hand upon your gentle landing into Harbour Island’s crystal clear harbor; that’s where Conch & Coconut comes in. Conch & Coconut is the leading locally owned and operated destination management company located in the heart of the island. Conch & Coconut provides an elevated island experience offering guests A to Z concierge services, private boat charter experiences, fishing charters, land tours, luxury vehicle rentals, beach picnics and bonfires, dinner reservations and so much more.

This island “one-stop-shop” has mastered the art of producing authentic, curated experiences that showcase the best of Harbour Island, Eleuthera, and Bahamian culture creating memories for visitors that will last a lifetime all while donating a portion of every experience to education programs in The Bahamas.

When choosing your next holiday in the sun, think of the pink sand beach, the gentle ocean breeze and the experience of a lifetime. Conch & Coconut looks forward to welcoming you to Harbour Island or as the locals would say “Welcome to Briland, home of the friendly people!”


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