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Craftsmanship The Van Dam Way

Legacy craftsmanship. It’s more than natural talent and carefully learned technique. It goes beyond skill and ability, The definition of workmanship. Legacy craftsmanship is a passion for the skills of days past and a deep rooted respect for the unique aesthetics that shroud function. It is a humble sense of pride as you push through a challenging task with tenacity and patience, knowing that when complete, the end result outshines the original vision.

A true craftsman is his own worst critic; self-policing, seeking continuous improvement, knowing that the work is not about him, but the person challenging his skill. And while they may never meet, client and crafts-man share a intimate bond created when undertaking a journey of excellence.

Van Dam craftsmanship exemplifies the meaning of the word. It is rooted in the tiny details. Those you don’t notice immediately, but that continue to amaze when they are discovered. At Van Dam, the crew is not focused solely on meeting your expectations. They work to exceed them; today, tomorrow and for generations to come. Workmanship becomes craftsmanship when your vision comes to life; even larger than life.

“I visited a half dozen boat manufacturers and no one was approaching what Van Dam was doing in both design and execution, as well as business structure. The people at Van Dam are always very welcoming and completely open about how they do what they do. There is no magic. It is extremely high standards and attention to detail.” – Owner, Susan C

Finishing the areas of each boat that will rarely be seen, with the same care and meticulous standards as their mirrored exteriors, is one of many attributes that sets Van Dam Custom Boats apart in the world of custom wooden boat building. It not only guarantees the endurance of quality andf unction, it affords you peace of mind. Your commission is of top-of-range craftsmanship, inside and out. It is not about simply finishing another build and moving on to the next. It is about you, your expectations and your future enjoyment; one of man reasons to chose to become part of the Van Dam family of owners.

The crew, well versed in old world craftsmanship (the skillset that is at the foundation of Van Dam Custom Boats), embraces technology and innovative design as an integral part of the future of wooden boat construction. A modern day craftsman welcomes the advancements technology provides, while understanding the importance of marrying it to traditional methods of building. Technology, at the hands of a master, will not strip away the intricacies of custom handwork, but will assist in making it last longer and perform better. A balance is struck between convenience, function, performance and beauty. Traditional methods co-exist quite well with present day mechanization and software, when melded at the hands of true craftsmen.

“My boat gets paparazzi after it because it is such an unusual boat. Van Dam’s ability todo a super wide range of technologies and put in high tech sailing gear that looks like the old stuff, and doesn’t rust, made a difference for me.” – Owner, Tattler II

At Van Dam, there is a connection be-tween the past, present and future. There is partnering of vision and ability; the skill of human hands committed to delivering a dream. Custom wooden boat building is a labor of love and a way of life. Van Dam Custom Boats is committed to a set of values and principles that elevate the meaning of craftsmanship; moving with purpose, engaging the mind and cultivating an attitude of excellence with every build. It results in craft that are built to last. And it is a journey of discovering true craftsmanship that each client is invited to undertake. Building a curated one of kind – the Van Dam way.


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