Della Vite - The Delevigne Sisters

The Delevingne sisters have recently launched a range of two quality Proseccos, encouraging the re-discovery of a misunderstood wine and putting the sparkle back into one of Britain’s favorite drinks.

Bringing a new wave of intrigue and energy to the world of Prosecco, Della Vite, translating as ‘of the vine’ will launch in the UK to be enjoyed at all celebratory moments at home and beyond, as the desire to venture out is rekindled during the easing of lockdown. Della Vite’s Prosecco Superiore DOCG (meaning controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) has been given the highest classification of wine in Italy.

Della Vite is the first joint venture between Chloe, Poppy and Cara Delevingne and was born from many shared happy experiences as sisters - from family get-togethers, long lunches with friends to festivals - forged over glasses of Prosecco. Recognizing that the vast majority of the best Proseccos remain in Italy, the sisters decided to search for winemakers who they could work with to create their own brand to tell its untold story.

The sisters were introduced by a mutual friend to the Biasiottos, who have been producing superior sparkling wines for over three generations. Following this, they embarked on a journey deep into the heart of the Valdobbiadene Valley, a beautiful and protected historic area of artisanal Italian viticulture. Together with the extended Della Vite family, the Delevingnes and the Biasiotto’s have created two complex and versatile expressions of Della Vite Prosecco that are exquisite harmonies of innovation and tradition.

Located in the Valdobbiadene Valley within the Prosecco Region of Northern Italy, the winery sits in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, chosen by the UN for conservation due to its cultural and environmental significance. Its terrain makes mechanical viticulture impossible and all cultivation is done by hand.

Della Vite combines the latest technology with traditional Italian winecraft to develop wines of elevated quality that are rooted in sustainable methods. Alongside the avoidance of farming machinery and overseas ingredients, the Della Vite winery operates on solar powered energy. To complete Della Vite, the liquid is filtered through a ceramic system, never using draining agents containing animal products, meaning the wines are 100% vegan. Finally, an extended second fermentation of 60 days is used to achieve a subtle autolytic character.

Cara Delevingne, “Placing sustainability first and using agricultural methods that don’t rely heavily on industry is at the core Della Vite’s values. We spent four months looking for the perfect winery to align with our vision and are so proud to have created two exceptional Proseccos that are both sustainably produced and 100% certified vegan.”

Chloe Delevingne: “Prosecco is informal, spontaneous and free from rituals and rules so it was important to us that we work closely with the Biasiotto family over the two year process to create wines that represent this. Our Proseccos are wildly delicious in flavor, light in color with creamy smooth bubbles and will elevate every occasion, no matter how big or small.”

Poppy Delevingne: “We’ve always spoken about starting a business together but were keen to find something that we could all really get behind and that was equally meaningful to each of us. Prosecco has always been our ritual, wherever we were in our lives, laughter and lifelong memories were made over cold glasses of Prosecco so it was the obvious perfect fit for us. We love Italian culture, food, tradition and history and wanted to create something that is authentic and spirited.”

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