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Diefendorff Watches' Cornelius Collection

Recently launched by Brooklyn entrepreneur James Reeves, Diefendorff Watches have introduced their first product range, The Cornelius Collection, to the market. After nearly a year of research and design, the collection features distinctive design with 17 big lines and 76 small lines on the front and side of the watch - making the "1776 Case & Bezel” and dial colors in federal blue and forest green. The Cornelius Collection is so unique that the company has filed for international design patents on them, ensuring that buyers won’t be able to find these special pieces anywhere else in the world. In an effort to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, the leather straps are made in the USA and are created using vegetable dyeing techniques.

Reeves found inspiration for the company's namesake in his family’s history. His ancestor Captain Henry Diefendorff, the son of Swiss immigrants, fought in the Revolutionary War, and was ambushed and killed in the woods of Oriskany, New York. Touched by the sacrifice that his great grandfather (Reeves is his sixth great-grandson) and many others made to secure freedom for Americans, Reeves chose to highlight Captain Diefendorff’s name as a symbol of “our independent approach to marking time: Rebel Against the Usual. After all, revolution is in our heritage,” Reeves said.

The collection breaks the mold of traditional dress watches by adding in an extra element of style, meticulous craftsmanship and historical significance. The watches are born in Brooklyn, assembled in the US and powered by a Swiss movement, an homage to Captain Diefendorff’s heritage. Reeves specifically sought out vendors based in the US in order to honor the American roots of the brand’s inspiration. Movements function as the engine of the watch and are a pivotal element for determining quality. Swiss movements are known as the premium and luxury standard for watches across the world.

A few additional premium elements featured on the watch are:

  • Sapphire crystal glass on the front and on the see-through case back so you can see the art of the watch's movement.

  • Luminous hands that allow you to tell time in a darkened room.

  • Water resistance to 10 ATM (330 Feet / 100 Meters).

  • Double anti-reflection coating on the crystal so it's easy to read.

Reeves previously consulted with companies on social responsibility and sustainability, so when starting his own company he aimed to practice what he preached. Diefendorff has a 10% give back to charity commitment and they are a carbon neutral watch company. "We want to do business the way companies should: respect the environment & people, improve communities and fight for the future,” Reeves added.

Buyers enjoy having an original timepiece that is carefully crafted and inspired by history. They feel confident purchasing from a company that makes a great effort to create environmentally-friendly watches with a give-back to charity program. Diefendorff watches are perfect for those who want to stand out, not fit in. View the Cornelius Collection for yourself here: and stay tuned for more to come from this exciting new company!


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