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Meet the Man Behind Many of the Most Famous Smiles in the World

Taking a step inside the office of LA’s leading celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jon Marashi, is like taking a walk down the Hollywood red carpet. Upon entering his Brentwood practice, recognizable faces smile from dozens of framed magazine covers that ornament the walls. As an expert in his field and a trusted confidant, Dr. Marashi is the go-to dentist for Hollywood A-Listers including Ryan Seacrest, Ben Affleck, Pink, Halsey, Vin Diesel, Ben Harper, Tom Hanks and more. With his impressive roster of clients, it is clear that Dr. Marashi’s expertise is worth more than a million dollars, and his clients seek the absolute finest when it comes to their smiles.

So what brings all of these high powered celebrities, athletes and business professionals from all around the globe into Dr. Marashi’s practice? It is actually simpler than one might think: Dr. Marashi’s artistry.

For Dr. Marashi, each smile is a custom commissioned work of art. He believes every smile is as unique as each individual who comes to see him. WIth that, Dr. Marashi carefully creates a custom smile that is not only red-carpet worthy, but one that looks natural and highlights the person’s facial features. Much like an artist, he approaches each patient’s teeth and mouth with a vision. Setting himself apart from others in his field who subscribe to a more cookie-cutter, one size-fits all approach, Dr. Marashi tailors his work to the facial features of the individual and takes into consideration when planning the patient’s age, skin tone, lip elasticity, shape of the mouth, how their mouth moves while talking, and much more.

From there, a new smile is created literally inside the mouth. Dr. Marashi describes this process as sculpting a slab of marble or cutting a fine diamond. A careful and thoughtful hand must prevail, to ensure maximum potential is realized. And while most cosmetic dentist outsource the process, Dr. Marashi oversees it all.

Universally respected and renowned for his style and cutting-edge approach to smiles, it is no wonder Dr. Marashi is often referred to as the Tom Ford of Cosmetic Dentistry. His mission with every single patient is to create a natural aesthetic and wants his patients to have smiles they look like they were born with. Surprisingly, Dr. Marashi let us know that in recent years there has been an uptick of patients seeking to re-do the work they had done years ago and replace that “done” look with a more natural smile. After all, today, less is more!

With Dr. Marashi’s belief that everyone deserves to smile, he has dedicated his entire life to creating the most beautiful smiles in the world. He is now taking that to the next level as the Chief Cosmetic Dentist of a revolutionary new company, byte, an at home invisible teeth aligner system that allows individuals across the country to remotely achieve the perfect Hollywood smile, without compromising quality of care. Since accessibility, time and money can be a hindrance for most who seek premium dental care, through Dr. Marashi’s involvement with byte, he has helped shape the innovation of teeth straightening products and the science behind them. This cutting-edge product is actually based on Smile Science, a system that doesn’t just straighten one’s teeth, but optimizes the patient's smile aesthetics, considering symmetry, their facial features, and tooth placement to design a smile that enhances the beauty of their overall face. This new system will allow a much larger demographic of people to have access to quality care and will completely revolutionize the beauty and dental industry.

For your own personal look into Dr. Marashi’s smile gallery or for a potential glimpse of who might be next to walk through his door, follow along on his Instagram. You might even spot a skateboard or two.


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