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Eden Gallery - Basel Week Celebrations

The art scene in Miami was bursting with creativity during Basel Week Miami. Galleries and museums were filled with exquisite pieces, artists were showing off their most notable works, and the city was buzzing as the excitement came about for the biggest week in the art world. . Basel Week Miami is the season for art, fashion and top tier exhibitions to make their grand debuts into the creative community. It's safe to say that Basel Week Miami is just as popular as the main event in Switzerland itself, and we can only hope that it continues on its upward trajectory toward world-class recognition and appreciation. So without further ado, here's our look back at one of the most exciting art seasons we've ever had at Eden Gallery Miami.

With its extensive array of artworks that vary from beautiful sculptures to awe-inspiring surreal paintings, Eden Gallery hosted a few of the most exclusive events at Basel Week. Alec Monopoly, Angelo Accardi, Gal Yosef, and Eduardo Kobra all showcased their latest collection of artworks at Eden Gallery Miami. The opening receptions were incredible evenings with extraordinary guests from around the globe. The captivating events featured everything from cutting-edge contemporary paintings to unique 3D art, live paintings in the gallery, a live show from graceful dancers, and live musical performances. In addition, guests also were able to meet and greet Eden's exclusive artists. Art connoisseurs enjoyed cocktails and refreshments, along with time spent exploring the limitless depths of these unique artists' work. There was a lot to see and do, but the crowd's delighted in interacting with so many artists and art enthusiasts in person.

By capturing the minds and hearts of his viewing audience with an out-of-this-world artistic display, Gal Yosef has created a name for himself. Creating new versions of cartoon characters with a personal touch, Gal Yosef, an exclusive Eden Gallery artist, attracts the viewers to step into his avant-garde imaginary cartoon universe. A prodigy in the field of 3D art, Yosef captured the imagination of all his Basel Week guests with special live dance performances and sweet tunes by DJ duo Forealism. Yosef continues to evolve with his inspirations, exploring a new kind of contemporary art through the use of 3D Design in his creative process. Basel Week Miami was a prime time for all visitors to see this new unique type of art.

One of our era's most renowned muralists, Eduardo Kobra, hosted an unforgettable event at the Eden Gallery Miami location. Influenced by modern and contemporary artists, Kobra revealed his latest artworks and went above and beyond to create a mural dedicated to one of his biggest inspirations, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Guests enjoyed live music as they were mesmerized by the realism behind Kobra's kaleidoscopic designs. The event celebrated the art of Kobra and gave attendees insight into the muralist's artistic process.

During the exhibition's opening, Angelo Accardi debuted his new collection that illustrates a creative vision of surreal yet ordinary life. With his avant-garde art style, he captivates viewers with his one-of-a-kind paintings. Accardi was met by local and international celebrities, all of whom passionately admired his artistic eye and natural talent.

Legendary street artist Alec Monopoly descended onto Miami and took over the streets in a wild weekend that consisted of an incredible art exhibition which was attended by thousands. With his flare for grand exits, Alec live painted a 16-foot-tall sculpture of Richie Rich - one of his staple characters. On it, he tagged a work of art that is part of his Title Deed collection, dedicated to the people of Miami. His friends, Jake Paul and David Einhorn (aka Papi Steak) were there to partake in this momentous occasion with him.

To explore more artworks by Alec Monopoly, Gal Yosef, and Eduardo Kobra, Angelo Accardi, check the Eden Gallery website to view their latest collections or visit your nearest Eden Gallery location today.

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