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Engagement Presents vs Wedding Presents: Which One Should You Spend More On?

Engagement Presents vs Wedding Presents: Which One Should You Spend More On?

The engagement and the wedding are two incredible celebrations. They're both some of the most magical events you'll attend. But the question is, how much do you spend on gifts?

Read on to find out and learn about some of the best gift ideas.

Engagement Presents: Celebrating the Promise

Engagements are intimate. They're usually more relaxed and fun occasions. Naturally, you'd think you don't have to spend as much. The gifts at this stage are typically less grandiose than wedding gifts.

Here are some ideas for you.

A Thoughtful Photobook: A photo book is such a good idea. It's the perfect gift that isn't too expensive, takes effort to organize, and shows thought behind it. And it's something the couple can keep forever. One of the best photo book maker ideas we've seen is to take pictures from their social media and turn them into a photo book. If they're a couple that posts often, this is the perfect idea.

An Experience to Share: Sometimes, the best gifts aren't material. You could give an experience like a cooking class, a wine tasting, or a hot air balloon ride. They're a memory for the couple to make - sometimes, you can't beat that.

Wedding Presents

Wedding gifts traditionally carry more weight - we're talking monetary value and significance. They're meant to honor the couple's commitment and help them establish their new life together. And, people usually spend a ton of money more on the wedding, so naturally, expect gifts to be a little more substantial. It's common for guests to spend more on wedding gifts.

Gifts for the Home: Weddings celebrate the couple's new life together - hopefully, they have a home together. If they don't, it's usually next on the list. Practical yet thoughtful gifts like kitchen appliances, dinnerware, or home decor can be immensely valuable. Just ensure you keep the receipt because they want to return it. 

Monetary Gifts or Gift Cards: Monetary gifts or gift cards might not sound as personal, but we promise you - that most couples will be happier with them. You're giving the couple the freedom to choose what they truly need or desire.

Where to Invest More?

Deciding where to invest more - engagement or wedding gifts - depends on your relationship with the couple and cultural or familial expectations. In some opinions, people will say to spend more on the wedding gift. In many traditions, wedding presents are considered the primary gifts. They're usually more grand and practical for the couple's new chapter. Engagement gifts are meaningful - but they're usually more symbolic and less about value.

We'll give our final verdict in the conclusion.

No matter what, you'll probably end up spending more on the wedding than you want. Engagement gifts, wedding gifts, a new outfit with matching shoes and a bag - it all adds up. But, as for the gift, if you understand the couple's needs, or should we say wants, you should be able to find them the perfect gift. Some would say it's not about the price tag, but if you are spending money on gifts, our verdict is to spend more on the wedding present. 


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