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Enkay - Philanthropically Minded, Design-Forward Luxury

Enkay is a new philanthropically minded, design-forward, eco-conscious, affordable luxury home accessories, and decor brand.

Enkay is designed with modern living in mind to bring texture and warmth into every home. Fashioned in the finest natural fibers, with a sublime and sensory feel, Enkay celebrates the ancient craft of rug-making with the launch of their premier collection, Origins.

The inaugural collection houses a variety of subtle and sophisticated neutral tones and a mix of textures to adorn inside spaces and beautify any home environment. Born out of the intense desire to honor centuries of workmanship, Enkay artisans use only the finest material, like un-dyed New Zealand wool, and employ the technique of using hand carding, hand-knotting, and hand finishing. As the world moves into the future, works by hand remain a touchstone connecting to the past.

Featuring 23 different styles, talented weavers based in their home villages of India have lovingly produced a range of top-quality, unique, and distinctive designs under the auspices of Enkay. These hand-made works of art will now be available to collectors of fine home furnishings nationwide. Enkay brings warmth to rooms and texture to life, with understated color gradations, high/low pile contrasts, refined geometric patterns, and exquisite craftsmanship.

Co-founded by Asha Chaudhary, daughter of legendary N.K. Chaudhary of Jaipur Living, India’s largest manufacturer of hand-made rugs, Asha carries on the legacy of her father’s devotion to respecting and supporting artisans, weavers, and designers whose creations have passed through generations.

Responsibly sourced, Enkay’s rugs are an environmentally conscious way to incorporate naturally beautiful elements into spaces, as they are produced without toxic dyes and will not emit harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Styled for modern living, Enkay has one simple, noble intention: to make hand-made, high-quality rugs attainable. Retail price points start at $500 and will be available through its e-commerce site.


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