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Eustatia Island - Adventure Awaits

Eustatia Island is a spectacular place to play and relax. It is also one of the most exclusive watersports centers in the world, offering an impressive variety of watersports activities using the most innovative equipment available.

The island thrives with year-round ambient water temperature, over 300 days of sunshine per year and fresh trade winds. An elite fleet of boats, vast, superior water equipment and personalized coaches will outfit you with everything needed for the greatest adventures on land and water. Dedicated and experienced watersports coaches are available to ensure you have a memorable, safe time on the water.

When staying on Eustatia Island, you have access to a variety of watersports such as, but not limited to:


The island’s flagship sport is kitesurfing and with ideal 15 knot conditions nearly year-round, guests can’t get enough. The island’s collection of equipment is unparalleled, with state-of-the-art kites from Cabrinha, Ozone, Airush, and Flysurfer, along with kiteboards including twin tips of all sizes, surf/directionals, raceboards, and foilboards.


Between the months of December and May, the British Virgin Islands are home to frequent ground swells offering a variety of breaks. A variety of boards are available to suit all skill levels. Off-island surf trips are an ease with Eustatia’s custom-designed powerboats, getting guests surfing quickly and in style.

Local surf spots include reef breaks, point breaks and sandy beach breaks all within a scenic 10- to 45-minute boat ride from the island.


Enjoy a sail around the North Sound on the Caribbean’s clear, turquoise water. Get out on the water and take in the breathtaking views on one of Eustatia’s 2 Hobie Cats. The Eustatia team can take guests for a joy ride or teach them how to sail.


Discover the picturesque coastlines of the surrounding islands and take a peek at the water below with the see-through kayaks for a full underwater viewing experience. Eustatia’s see-through kayaks are made entirely of clear plastic and – since it’s powered by silent paddle power – guests can watch the sea life unaware in their natural setting.

Discover A New Perspective

Eustatia Island has great snorkeling spots right off the beaches, as well as some locations that involve heading out in a boat. Masks, snorkels, and fins are available for all sizes.

Take a swim in the open, calm water that surrounds Eustatia. Whether it’s around the island or even island to island routes, guests will have bragging rights for not needing anything but their own strength for transportation.

In addition to endless watersports activities, Eustatia Island offers great opportunities for land activities as well as simply relaxing in the most natural of settings. Enjoy all the island has to offer from excellent hiking trails to a variety of beach games.

Explore The Island On Foot

With a mix of flat roads, stretches of sand, rugged terrain and steep hills, Eustatia Island provides a great place to go hiking. A run around the island is approximately a 3⁄4-mile.

Guests can also hike the island. The Island features a trail beginning at the Main Beach and climbs 180-feet up to the Summit. This is a great workout with rewarding 360-degree views of the North Sound from the top.

Healing Hands

Relax and soak-in the breathtaking water views and serene natural settings during an island massage. Select from secluded beach locations and the Summit for your island massage to take advantage of the turquoise water views and cool breezes. Eustatia Island partners with a local spa provider to offer guests exclusive massages on request.

Eustatia Island emerges from the clear turquoise waters of the British Virgin Islands as one of the world’s most beautiful islands. The lush, self-sustaining 35-acre island is an exclusive sanctuary for travelers seeking to explore and relax.

Eustatia Island is a model of self-sustainability and environmental stewardship. A carefully engineered system for delivering reliable power, water, and communications using renewable resources and emphasizing silent operation has been installed.

To keep the Island quiet and fume free, all the land vehicles are electric powered and have their solar panels mounted as roof tops for charging. This helps keep the island quiet and fume free.

Eustatia extends its sustainability practices beyond utility systems and vehicles, and into organic agriculture with a long-term effort to restore the native landscape of the island. Eustatia strives for drought tolerance, biodiversity, and a balanced ecology, and we celebrate the produce grown on-island.

On Eustatia Island, there are boundless ways to experience the ideal private adventure.

Eustatia Island

British Virgin Islands

Reservations: (646) 760-4340


Rates starting at $35K per night,

inclusive and exclusive


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