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Fabian Perez - Portraying People's Bodies to Capture Their Soul

“Art happens in the sublime moment when the artist expresses his emotions through skills” - Fabian Perez

Recognized around the world for his unique style of portraiture and the innovate way that he captures the humane form, Fabian Perez is an intriguing painter and sculptor, Los Angeles-based, who draws inspiration from his life and beauty around him to create gorgeous works of art that transcend classification and truly touch the heart.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 2nd, 1967, has always had interest in the arts and he started portraying his family in friends from an early age.

Perez is the creator of the Neo-Emotionalism movement, a style of painting he describes for his works, for the visceral reaction it inspires in viewers and the liberating effect it has on himself as an artist. Perez is best known for his characters of the night subjects, beautiful women, dancers of tango and flamenco, and the living legends portraits.

The Living Legends collection involves some of the most famous faces of our time with great personalities around the world that Perez considers has left something important in human history. This includes legends ranging from rock stars to sporting heroes.

His work is owned by an extraordinary number of famous personalities from Micky Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rafael Nadal, Diego Maradona (R.I.P.), Tyson, Countess Spencer, Ringo Starr and more.

While the artist admits that figures have always been his biggest challenge in painting, he also says that they are his favorite to render for that very reason: the challenge of creating and perfecting the human form.

Perez says that beauty in every sense of the word, it is his inspiration and by consequence, the common denominator between the subject or object that he creates. “The importance of creating with emotion is above the technique which is being considered and utilized, it is critical for me to become one with the subject. Engaging a piece of art in this category only, will be as difficult as engaging it in any other classification. My intension is not to depend on a rigid idea, but rather explore within the fabric of flexible feelings”.

Fabian Perez has achieved artistic recognition internationally and his work is exhibited in galleries around the world including US, UK, Canada, Australia, Argentina. He has participated in more than 500 one-man exhibitions mostly around Europe.

After living in Los Angeles for more than 20 years, Perez opened his own gallery in the Melrose Art District. “I am a traditional artist and still a strong believer that physical galleries are not dead”, he says.

Although, alongside this more traditional route to engage viewers with his work, he is embracing and exploring new digital technology. Most recently, an app to accompany his most recent book, Neo-Emotionalism: The New Era, which brings the cover to life through augmented reality.

Fabian Perez Gallery is open by appointment only and the artist takes commissions and personal portraits from all over the world. He has worked on close to 100 personal portraits of people from across the globe in the last two years alone. “I like to do my own photoshoots to ensure I get the perfect picture with the correct lighting and atmosphere to translate to the canvas,” he reveals. “This moment is very important to understand the essence of the client’s personality.”

Since his explosion as a global phenomenon over two decades ago, Fabian Perez has continued his artistic endeavors, trailblazing a stunning legacy and body work that is unmatched by most modern artists.

“I am thankful for the talent I have got,” says the artist. “I try to be focused, disciplined, and confident as much as I can, to have a successful career and to provide the essentials for my family. The rest is all karma.”

Fabian Perez Gallery

6715 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles CA 90038


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