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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s Duet Debuting “Purple Irises’ Before Super Bowl Extravaganza

In a much-anticipated musical reunion, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have once again joined forces to deliver a poignant and introspective single, “Purple Irises.”  The song, a testament to enduring love and shared experiences, explores the profound impact of time on relationships, with Stefani’s insight and vulnerability taking center stage.

Produced by Scott Henricks and recorded at Smoakstack Studios in Nashville, Purple Irises comes as a heartwarming prelude to Stefani’s upcoming performance at Super Bowl LVIII TikTok Tailgate.  

Stefani shared the inspiration behind Purple Irises: “It’s a song that comes from the idea that when you plant something, you are planting hope and watching love grow. Weathering all the different seasons of growth. We are in this together, we planted the seeds together, and we are growing together.”

Shelton expressed his enthusiasm for the song stating, “We love this song so much. It’s a song Gwen wrote with a couple of friends of hers, and I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. She knew there was something different about it and asked me to come in and sing with her. My longtime producer, Scott Hendricks, produced it, and Gwen’s been wanting to work with him for a long time now, and it’s turned into this really cool and different song that can live anywhere.”

As Purple Irises blooms on the music scene, Stefani and Shelton’s collaboration continues to evolve. Their debut performance at the Super Bowl LVIII TikTok Tailgate promises to be a memorable moment in an already illustrious career.

Listen to Purple Irises here


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