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Hermès Maison - Collections For The Home

Back and forth, the needle or comb combine the threads of a fabric; back and forth, the saw and the plane shape the chair and the table; back and forth, the hands form a vase from clay where water remains. Durable things are born of movement.

The Tremplin, H Vibration and Escalator rugs have been delicately embroidered by hand. The compositions designed by Gianpaolo Pagni and Studio Hermès are traced out by a slender cord, as if drawn with a pencil. Against a highly robust linen backdrop, this slender cotton cord marks out the lines adorning the Cordélie rugs. A very rare and meticulous embroidery technique.

The Hippodrome d’Hermès coffee table by French design duo Normal Studio combines a rectangular tabletop in oiled oak featuring aircraft wing edges and an oval lower shelf covered in smoothed and burnished bridle leather. Its table top gently hollowed, its edges contoured. A large, structured piece, made lighter by slender legs set back from the edges.


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