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HH Catamarans - Performance Luxury with Scott Rocknak

Taiwanese industrialist, Hudson Wang, makes things you likely enjoy in your daily life. In addition to sports equipment used worldwide, there is Hudson Yacht Group and HH Catamarans as his pride and joy endeavor. You can see this in the factory, the people who make the boat happen, and of course, the boats themselves.

Very few names have the prestige and standing of designers Morrelli & Melvin. With a build portfolio of some of the world’s most distinctive multihulls, the HH line of catamarans are the direct beneficiary of years of talented application from the California based design and engineering team.

HH Catamarans is a true international effort. Master performance boat builder Paul Hakes is from New Zealand, seasoned managers Riccardo Marton and Thomas Jonsson hail from South Africa, Jade Wang, Taka Wung, and James Juan are from Taiwan. Chris Dosher, President, is based on the US East Coast when not in transit visiting customers worldwide.

Scott Rocknak joined HH in 2018 as worldwide agent. Scott brings decades of technical, sales, and service experience in the boating industry. His popular YouTube channel is among the best available for boat reviews.

Scott describes the HH owner base as an independence minded individual or couple who seek the ability to achieve destinations with purpose. He adds that the boats have become primary homes or second homes. Owners are drawn to the HH line for their extraordinary performance and quality of finish.

Don’t let the casual demeanor of the typical owner paint their true picture Scott says; “These folks are driven, successful, and very focused on what they want.” The field of choice is crowded and only a few manufacturers have the marque to stand out above the rest. HH Catamarans thrives in that arena.

The boats themselves are easy to spot. A raked aft mast, typically in all carbon black, makes its presence known in a forrest of plumb vertical aluminum. A barracuda in a school of silverfish. The distinctive reverse bows have a demeanor stating its intention.On closer inspection the interior finish work is that of the highest end pied-à-terre.

It’s easy to imagine oneself surrounded by the pedigree of the builder, the design, and the support team. Indeed a true sample of the best the industry has to offer. Like all hand crafted things that move, the true tell is the first ride. Acceleration, stability, comfort, and safety all come to mind in the description of this experience.

This catamaran becomes the synthesis of moving art.

Thousands of miles in command of an ever-changing tapestry of location. Cultures and the people that make them, all become familiar. This is the mission statement, it seems, of the people who make up the HH Catamaran family. The model line allows for short handed crew or family to take charge and enjoy time together. All involved utilize their creation to become a utility to achieve their dream.

Each boat is unlike no other. The owner specifies the layout with distinctive options to outfit the boat to mesh with their personality. That’s why, perhaps, on first glance you have a window into the heart and soul of this special catamaran and it’s masters.

As your interface to a new world Scott invites you to build on your imagination. Rich woods, soft fabrics, and exquisite finishes are the hallmark of this unique craft. Once aboard you can lose yourself in study of the detail built into every aspect of this creation. The interior arrangement can be designed for large families or simply a couple with luxurious accommodation. Understandably the HH Catamaran attracts considerable attention when it appears at the international boat shows.


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