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Hope’s Windows Highlights Urban Outfitter’s Use of Jamestown175TM Series

Hope’s® Windows, Inc., the nation’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of custom, solid hot-rolled steel and bronze window and door systems, is proud to highlight Urban Outfitter’s extensive use of Hope's Jamestown175TM Series steel windows in their sprawling Philadelphia corporate campus. This project demonstrates how Hope’s can help major brands transform run-down buildings into innovative spaces that promote creativity and collaboration.

Urban Outfitters sought to transform a dilapidated Navy shipyard in Philadelphia into a corporate campus with a feel that fits its famously forward-thinking business and brand. The primary challenge involved preserving the historical ambiance of the complex, which was over a century old, while simultaneously modernizing it to create a mix of culture that fit the brand. To help strike the perfect balance between a historic and contemporary feel, Hope’s helped Urban Outfitters build a massive wall system, in addition to hundreds of steel windows and skylights that let in natural light into the complex’s wide open workspaces.

Throughout the project, Urban Outfitters extensively used Hope’s Jamestown175TM series solid, hot-rolled steel windows—ideal for projects that require oversized windows and doors or specialized operating types, such as top-hung or pivoting windows. The Jamestown175TM series offers a 20% increase in window section depth and corresponding strength compared to Hope’s popular Landmark175™ Series profiles. This allows the series to accommodate various glass thicknesses and makeups while also allowing for larger window sizes that do not need extra reinforcement or mullions.

Energy efficient, with narrow sightlines, fully welded construction, and Hope’s distinguished Power of 5 finishing system, the Jamestown175TM series provided a perfect solution for Urban Outfitters to create an open, innovative workspace that furthers its forward-thinking vision.

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About Hope’s Windows, Inc.

Hope’s Windows, Inc. has handcrafted the world’s finest windows and doors for over a century. Hope’s custom-designed, solid hot-rolled steel and bronze doors and windows are universally praised for their strength, durability, and unparalleled aesthetic value. Hope’s prides itself on a long-standing commitment to safety and certification, and the company subjects its products to more third-party testing than any other steel window and door manufacturer. Inherent material strength, along with Hope’s meticulous manufacturing processes, finishing techniques and extensive testing, result in windows and doors that last in even the most extreme environments – sustaining their beauty and performance for generations. Visit


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