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How to update a space in your apartment to make the house more comfortable

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Making a tiny area in your apartment seem completely cozy can be challenging. This happens mainly if rental and landlord regulations constrain your décor choices. With some clever design choices, you can still personalize your space even if you rent or reside in an apartment or condo.

Understand that everyone deals with the issue of updating different spaces in their new apartment. Be it your bedroom, kitchen, or even the attic, the need to update areas often increases. While this is not a pleasurable experience, you should know that you're not alone.

In this article, we've curated valuable design suggestions for apartments as motivation to give your rental property some flair. This way, you can update any desired space in your apartment and make it more conducive. Join us as we educate you on some of these methods.

1. Handle the exterior similarly to the interior

One way to update spaces in your apartment complex is to be mindful of the first impression you give people who visit your house. A fantastic approach to incorporating flair into your home is to give the entryway's exterior the same care as the interior.

You can put items from within your home outside, hang a wreath or other holiday decorations, or change the address sign. Houseplants are always a good idea as long as they receive enough light.

2. Show items in groups of three

Many professionals use the rule of three in designing and styling, just like in several other fields and professions. When dimensions, heights, and textures offer significant diversity, grouping three objects together appears more aesthetically attractive and coordinated.

Evaluate the idea first in a small region, like a table or a corner of the room, before implementing it everywhere in the home. To ensure that the impact is interpreted correctly, just be careful not to overdo it.

3. Construct upper cabinets

Use upper cabinets to display an assortment of ornaments and sentimental items in your apartment. Spinning exhibits have a solid foundation in simple shelves separated for a distinctive aesthetic. Since wood or metal shelves complement practically anything, you can quickly modify the appearance of the vignette without causing any more damage to your apartment's walls.

4. Layer your floor coverings

This approach not only results in lower decorating costs but also doesn't prevent you from purchasing the design of your choice in the event that you can't locate it in the proper size. Additionally, it makes the space feel better, more comfortable, and more fashionable. It's also an excellent method for evaluating your reaction to a riskier choice. Start by placing a small, daring rug on top of a larger, neutral one.

5. Change the furniture in the apartment

Even if your apartment has simple decorations and furnishings, you can still have gorgeous furniture. To make it feel more like yours, fill the room with furniture you adore. Select a distinctive piece of furniture to serve as the centerpiece in each space.

6. Invent new methods to arrange your book stacks

Alternative arrangement advocates for a more assertive style, even though the typical vertical or slightly inclined stack of bookshelves is customary for a traditional residence.

Try switching between book stacks on shelves that are vertical and horizontal. The frames will be much simpler to style with extra items because horizontal stacking will disrupt the regularity of the vertical lines and incorporate more visual intrigue. Just be sure the beat is unpredictable and not constant throughout. This undermines the objective by resulting in an unnatural arrangement that is difficult to look at.

7. Showcase conversation items

Conversation items should pop out of their settings and catch people's attention by doing so right away. Remember that you don't have to go far and wide to find anything interesting. Any item can be a topic of conversation as long as it connects to a meaningful memory. These pieces could be current or distant, be it a photo album, a memorable painting, or a keepsake.

8. Make the Most of Your Kitchen

Small kitchens in apartments are a common complaint. One way to update this space is by utilizing vertical space to its fullest potential. This way, you can make the most of your kitchen storage. If your design has floating shelves, arrange similar items in layers on every unit by adding multiple dishes per shelf. Place the objects you don't frequently use on the upper shelves.

9. Renovate the bathroom

Giving a rental a homely essence requires looking for temporary ways to enhance the space. For instance, your rental agreement can forbid you from adding decorative tiling to your bathroom. Use peel-and-stick tiles instead, which are simple to put up and take down when necessary. To reduce prices, pick a modest space, like the wall above the sink.

10. Creatively spruce up your apartment bedroom

You can update your bedroom with elegant draperies. With this, you can also make your rental feel luxurious. An apartment-proven method of giving your area flair without the finality of apartment wallpaper or paint is to hang numerous sets of drapes along a wall. Additionally, it creates the impression that there are windows instead of a bare wall stretch by concealing them behind drapes.

Every bedroom also needs space to store your clothes, footwear, and accessories. You could look into custom closet designs that work perfectly with your apartment space, and ensure you have enough room to organize all your clothing. Installing a rack for shoes and drawers for undergarments and accessories is also a great idea and use of your space.

11. Paint your furniture

Put some color on your furniture if you can't paint your flat's walls. Identical striking impact as new wall paint can be achieved by painting a bed frame or wardrobe. Begin with the furniture's hues when adding other home design concepts to your space. Try to match the colors for a unified look. on linens and furnishings.

12. Put A Large Rug To Use

In a rental scenario, you are frequently forced to use the present furnishings when the lease is signed. However, you can make your apartment's carpet or floor more fashionable. You can cover it up with an extra-large area rug or several layered rugs that match the rest of your decor. Additionally, this is cost-effective if you're seeking inexpensive decorating ideas for small apartments. Most likely, you won't require an expensive extra-large rug.

13. Work Around Unique Parts of Your Apartment

Make the most of your apartment's odd characteristics. Use awkward nooks, small closets, or a small seating space to store items. If you find yourself in an old building, there's a likelihood of the presence of character. In light of this, some of the innovative parts can make your best apartment design ideas challenging to carry out. Instead of avoiding something you don't like, accept it and devise a solution. Choose a color you enjoy to act as the room's primary hue.

14. Get a large bookshelf

Space-saving strategies for small apartments depend on adaptable equipment. Invest in a sizable, multipurpose bookshelf that can handle your storage demands. Place this in the center of your apartment, with books and dishes in the upper cabinets. Towels, utensils, office supplies, and any other items, on the other hand, can have a home on the lower shelves in boxes, baskets, or drawers.

15. Use Mirrors

Incorporating mirrors is a design tip that transforms any little area. They increase the perception of vastness and reflect light. To maximize the amount of natural light reflected into the room, place a huge mirror in the dining area, living room, or bedroom of your apartment opposite a window.

16. Employ Hampers

Beyond merely filthy garments, hampers can store other items. Use them around your residence to keep caps, umbrellas, spare sheets, or children's toys. Avoid the hamper from turning into a bottomless abyss by using innovative additions, like a basket made for over-the-door placement.

17. Invest in good lighting.

You can completely change a room with good lighting. However, this can come from something other than a hardwired ceiling fixture. Spend money on lights for nightstands and side and end tables. Install plug-in sconces in corridors or above couches, and put up floor lights to brighten gloomy nooks. Your kitchen workspaces will be revitalized and made easier to use with plug-in under-cabinet lighting.

18. Spice your walls up

Fill the drab walls of your dwelling to the brim. One way to do this is by making a grid of your favorite photos or prints. You can hang them inside frames with big mats. The oversized rugs will create an interactive display of the much-needed white space. Each photograph will also be visible to visitors, creating an engaging presentation.

You can also employ aesthetically pleasing peel-and-stick wallpapers. These additions are temporary, and you also have a variety to pick from.

19. Keep Soft Furniture In Mind

Remember the final adjustments, like pillows and bedsheets. Cushions are a terrific way to add color and a cozy atmosphere to your room. Choose patterned sheets that look fantastic indoors and outdoors if the home includes an outside area.

Switching the linens can transform your bedroom if you want to refresh it. Layer soft neutrals in bedspreads and denim, or go bolder with cotton sheets in eye-catching designs and vibrant hues if you prefer more vibrant colors.

20. Utilize your closets well.

A proven way to update the space in your bedroom is to use your closets effectively. Get closet organizers that categorize different clothing styles, accessories, shoe styles, and more—store out-of-season clothing in under-the-bed storage bins. You can also create a bedside table with extra storage from the floating shelf.


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