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Kate Bock - Let's Pompette

Written by Dominik Severino

Pompette is the first premium hard sparkling water served in a shareable, resealable glass bottle. Pompette will transport you to the Mediterranean with four delicious handcrafted flavors.

Pompette is ready to drink, with no mixing, shaking or mess. The elegant glass bottle amplifies your drinking experience, preserving the high level of carbonation. Simply unscrew, pour and enjoy! Feel confident about your beverage choice with Pompette’s all-natural formula. Each flavor is low in sugar and preservative free, while offering a refreshing and complex flavor profile. We spoke with supermodel Kate Bock about her partnership with Pompette and what the brand means to her.

Dominik Severino: Kate, what is it that caught your attention, or inspired you to get involved with Pompette?

Kate Bock: Health and wellness has always been such a big part of my life. I’m always looking for healthy alternatives, light treats, and ways to eat where I can feel satisfied while still putting something good into my body. Last summer, I was given some Pompette from Sports Illustrated, and the brand initially resonated with me. It’s clean, gluten free, low sugar, low calorie, and it’s a hard sparkling seltzer that tastes amazing! From the start, I thought that it was a perfect, and natural fit for me.

It sounds like it was meant to be! And Kate, you are such a health conscious person, and we know that you want to share that passion with everyone. It must be hard to find healthier options like this, and it seems like Pompette was created for people who are health enthusiasts such as yourself.

Absolutely! It has everything that I was looking for in a product. It’s a nice, light, refreshing drink that has a little edge to it. Pompette also means, “getting tipsy” in french which is just an adorable term. And from the beautiful 750ml glass bottle (the design is gorgeous), to the amazing flavors that Pompette provides, you can’t go wrong!

Which flavor(s) are your favorite?

I like them all! Clementine Berry might be my favorite right now, but our new flavor grapefruit came out in July and is delicious!

And you are such an aficionado of The Hamptons. It sounds like this is the perfect Hamptons summer drink!

We agree! It’s actually being placed in a bunch of restaurants and hotels. We even launched our Grapefruit flavor in the Hamptons doing an event. We are very excited to get it out there because it really is the quintessential Hamptons drink!

It sounds like it. And I know that Pompette can be used to make a cocktail, what are a few unique cocktails that you have created?

We’ve done our Lemon Mint flavor with rosemary, a splash of ginger ale and a shot of gin. So it was a sort of light Moscow Mule! I’ve also done Clementine Berry and a shot of tequila. There’s plenty of options with every flavor, and you can play around with them. You can create your own cocktail every time and see what you enjoy. And whether you are drinking it standalone or making a cocktail, it is healthier. There is also water in the drink, so it helps you stay more hydrated that straight liquor, which is a big help with the next day to avoid a headache!

What is it that you along with Pompette look for when it comes to the growth of your business?

It has been a joy working with Pompette and getting the product out there. We’re getting it placed in establishments all over. We have been eager to get into Florida. We have been doing really well in Utah and California, as well as the Hamptons. I’d love to also distribute abroad to Canada and Europe. It is a Mediterranean inspired drink, so I think it makes sense to have it over there. You can also reseal the bottle, so if you want to bring it to the beach, a friend’s, a dinner, or even a date, you can. We wanted to cover all our bases, and make a very accessible drink that you can bring and enjoy anywhere. It’s also very fulfilling to be part of a company from the beginning and watch it grow. You get to feel this satisfaction and pride when I see that it is placed on a shelf, or when I can order it at a restaurant,

What made you want to become so involved with Pompette and develop the role that you have developed within the company?

Just because I loved the product so much and it felt natural to talk about it. I think that people can really sense insincerity nowadays, but once you find products that you love and that you are a customer of yourself, you just want people to love it as much as you do!

Where can Pompette be purchased, and how can we stay updated about Pompette’s upcoming flavors?

Definitely check out our website to see where you can buy it, or where you can ship it out to. Our instagram @LetsPompette is also a great source to stay updated! We want you to feel welcomed to the world of Pompette, so definitely get connected to our social platforms


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