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KOKET Goes al Fresco

Summer compasses everything airy, relaxing, and fun. We tend to associate this time of the year with the so deserved vacations to a paradise island. Now, let’s imagine being able to create that environment inside our homes, and having a Zen Atmosphere right in our Living Rooms. That’s what KOKET’s pieces can do. Whether it is a porch, a balcony, terrace, or patio, converting our Outdoor Living Spaces into the perfect summer spot is at the top of our priorities. With the warm weather, the urge to lounge pool side is inevitable.

At KOKET, there is a strong belief that a piece can transform itself by the change of its fabric. A new color equals a new life. That’s why we bring you a selection of neutral items that exude that relax- ing, care-free vibe. Each of KOKET’s hand-crafted designs are created for covered outdoor use, or ready to bring summer indoors.

First and foremost, let’s establish some essentials: Chairs. An inviting and breezy outdoor lounge without luscious chairs is yet to be discovered. They need to be comfortable and stylish to create a whimsical seating area.

The Cocktail Chair wasn’t wrongly named. The plush body covered in a Luxurious Bright White Velvet color is the sumptuous comfort required for us to drink our martinis like they were meant to be drunk. This Accent Chair enhances every outdoor design and creates a social space, where the best conversations and laughs happen.

During Summer, Outdoor Dining is always on the menu. Attention to detail is key, as we want to build an atmosphere with five stars restaurant qual- ity. We’re keen on leaving the builder grade outdoor furniture behind by choosing an engaging color scheme and furniture that can accommodate everyone.

The Manila Chair ticks all requirements for a gracious Outdoor Dining Space: comfortable, practical and stylish. The possibilities with this Dining Chair are endless, as it can turn into whatever our patios need. It comes in various colors, so it can be the pop of color, or the pop of neutral, missing.

Meals that penetrate themselves into the whole day are the ultimate goal for Outdoor Dining. With a round table, people engage into endless conversations, and no one gets left out. The Intuition Dining Table will create a tranquil design. Its Glass Top will let the view sink in and reflect the prettiest light throughout the day.


“I love taking risks and turning heads! And I live to empower through design, content and experi- ences. So, I created KOKET, born from my interior design business and branding agency DeMorais International, and the inspiration for my lifestyle magazine Love Happens and e-home decor bou- tique My Object of Desire.

Each of my professional endeavors offers a glimpse into my world and everything that moves me. Through my work I strive to share my joie de vivre and coquettish frill while empowering all willing to listen to be their best selves. My products are about unique, inspired design, crafts- manship, and bringing joy to all who encounter them. While my content is all about my passion for the world my products live in, a world of beautiful design, fashion, travel and beyond.

Take risks with me! Create your own individual sense of style at home, in your closet and in every element of your lifestyle. I hope you fall in love with us, and feel empowered by our statement pieces and unique design driven experiences and content.” Janet Morais, Founder & CEO of KOKET.

Daring design aesthetic, high impact events, lavish presentations, notoriously risqué ad campaigns, and inspiring editorial, have an uncanny way of conveying KOKET’s mission to inspire love and empower through its statement pieces and unique design-driven experi- ences and content.

The innate desire to seduce and entice its devotees is perfectly illustrated in KOKET’s Guilty Pleasures and Exotic Opulence Collections composed of dramatic case goods, luscious up- holstery, exquisite lighting, and decadent furs; all of which mesmerize with their magical mineral medleys, luxe metallics, vibrant jewel tones, and exotic feathers. While the new KK by KOKET Collection offers a youthful side of KOKET with irresistibly fresh, playful, and vibrant upholstery designs. With over two hundred designs and counting, KOKET has become a go-to source for interior designers and consumers looking to create unique spaces that exude sensuality and style.


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