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Lürssen - Madsummer

Madsummer is a bold, joyous expression of her owner’s love of yachting. From her beautiful sweeping exterior curves penned by Eidsgaard Design to her colorful and personality-filled interior by Laura Sessa, Madsummer is a home from home for an owner who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. The 95-metER superyacht is a first collaborative effort for Eidsgaard Design and Lürssen and proved a very successful partnership, with the yacht being delivered ahead of schedule. On the inside, however, it was to be a meeting of old friends, with Laura Sessa and the owner having worked together on projects spanning the last 15 years.

Peter Lürssen comments: “The owner’s brief was demanding, however, we believe our engineering expertise has surpassed his wishes to own a yacht that many years from now will be timeless and yet still ahead of its time. Our thanks go, of course, to good design and communications with the designers of the exterior, Harrison Eidsgaard and Laura Sessa respectively for the interior as well as to Moran Yacht & Ship and the owner’s captain who supervised the build on behalf of the owner.”

The interior of Madsummer is suffused with bright reds, whites and, most extensively, blues. The brief from the owner was to incorporate colors and textures in a way that was both stylish and contemporary but also homely and personal. Throughout the yacht, moments of fun and levity complement the décor, allowing the spaces to be beautiful without pretension.

The main salon is a prime example of this patriotic tribute to color, with an impossibly soft royal blue silk carpet. A captivating raised geometric pattern on the walls, made from dark mutenye wood, cleverly disguises the handles to the storage spaces behind. To port, a bespoke dining table for 14 catches the eye: layers of colored lacquer are concealed beneath a white layer which is scored off in circular patterns to reveal the colors beneath, forming a unique and contemporary talking piece. On the wall, a piece of art depicting an important date to the owner reflects the personal element of the brief. Pale Oregon pine elements and ceilings with straw details lighten the space. To starboard, a comfortable sofa completes the room. A stylish lift carries guests across four floors from the main deck to the sundeck, while a staircase with white leather steps surrounded by a dark Mutenye border encircles the lift.

In the upper deck salon a stunning bar in backlit white alabaster with deep blue stripes immediately draws the eye. This is a mature, grownup space, as confirmed by the white Steinway and Sons grand piano in the corner. On the port side, comfortable sofas surround two custom coffee tables. One of the objectives of the brief was to create central guest spaces that would form the heart of the yacht and be easy to move between. The upper aft deck is one of these key areas and is home to the informal exterior dining space as well as the large ethanol-driven fire pit. Glass windbreakers slide into position along the side decks to provide respite from the elements, a key request from the owner. Next to the dining table is a sizeable Teppanyaki bar.

The bridge deck is home to the bridge forward and the master suite aft. Inside the master suite the brief to include colors and textures has been stepped up a gear and the space explodes into a kaleidoscope of warmth and personality. The wall panelling in white tinted oak finished with a clear blue luminous resin gives the space a stylish, futuristic feel. To port and starboard are two corridors of his-and-hers dressing rooms with spy mirror wardrobe doors. At the end of the central hallway to the cabin a large work of art in bright red makes an impressive impact. On the port side, her bathroom is a feminine, clean space, with a stunning white quartzite light-reflecting floor and geometric inlay work in stainless steel. Among the aesthetic details there are practical considerations too, such as a refrigerator for beauty creams. To starboard is his bathroom, where a dark Travertine marble gives the space a masculine energy, with bold details in brushed painted teak. A huge shower is reminiscent of that of an opulent spa.


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