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L'Atelier Paris Haute Kitchen Design

L’Atelier Paris Haute Design, combines sophisticated French craftsmanship with new-age cutting edge technology, to create custom professional grade kitchens unparalleled to any of their kind. Owner Ricardo Moraes explains, “we are integrating design and technology for home cooks and professional chefs alike.” Each L’Atelier design is created by their experts in collaboration with every client’s specific wants and needs. L’Atelier wants to understand how their client cooks, entertains, and even their lifestyle before any of their master kitchen designers draw a single line on the page.

Ricardo explains the individualized design process and the attention to detail that every project amplifies. He explains, “[the] kitchens are unique and customized for people who are passionate about cooking. [The designers] start with the floor plan and work with the person or chef who uses the kitchen and decide what they need [the kitchen] for”. The beautifully designed, fully customized kitchen maximizes space by only including the cooking elements, appliances and fixtures necessary to achieve every clients unique goals.After a an in-depth look at the clients goals, the design team and/or chef, and L’Atelier’s artisans will begin to envision the new “masterpiece”, the one-of-a-kind kitchen. Fully-fitted with professional grade equipment that is custom-made to enhance and thoughtfully take advantage of each space. The cooking suite is always built with the most elite parts, including solid brass burners, pasta cookers, griddles, lava rock BBQs and more. Whatever the unique kitchen needs may be, L’Atelier can make them a reality.

Customized, beautiful, and professional-grade kitchens designed with each individual client’s lifestyle, entertainment style, and cooking style in mind. By combining the most trusted materials, burners, and appliances, with the luxurious history of French craftsmanship, the L’Atelier kitchen designs are truly a cut above the rest.

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