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A Hidden Gem Along Mexico's Emerging Eco-Luxe Coastline

Imagine a place where you can spend time with your family and friends on a beautiful and private beach set within a nature preserve. Las Rosadas, a luxury beachfront community, is a hidden gem along Mexico’s emerging eco-luxe coastline, Costalegre. Over the past few decades, the boutique resorts that line this Pacific shore were known only to those lucky few who enjoyed a bit of adventure and personalized attention. Costalegre lets you escape within awe-inspiring settings and Las Rosadas extends that tradition along its diverse 1.25 miles of coastline.

Founded nearly 15 years ago by a Californian family, Las Rosadas embodies the authentic spirit of Mexico. Warm and personal service of the full-time staff, evocative art featured throughout the property, ocean-and-farm-to-table cuisine, and the diverse ecological efforts make this a unique paradise. The distinctive Las Rosadas experience is one that will leave you refreshed and inspired.

After living on the land, and spending time understanding its characteristics, Las Rosadas is offering 53 select home sites which take advantage of the expansive Pacific Ocean and sunset views. Modern coastal haciendas built by local craftsmen will blend indoor living with the outdoors. Afternoon breezes will keep you refreshed while your children play in the pool. These are legacy properties for families and individuals who are drawn to the generous hospitality of Mexico.

Grab your bike and head out on the professionally designed trail system. With a stand-up paddleboard, make your way down to one of the three swimmable beaches, Playa Rosadas, Playa Corazón or Playa Turquesa. Or simply enjoy the serenity of being in a place of pure natural wonder. Time will slow down and opportunities will be created to enjoy your time together with those closest to you.

You are invited to visit Las Rosadas to stake your claim. With the release of only a handful of lots and reservations currently filling up, a luxury beachfront community is emerging.

Join our mailing list or schedule a visit at Or obtain more information about our land plan and available properties from Dave Marriner at 775 745 8482 or


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