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Luxury Goals: A Mindset to Achieve Success

“Money doesn’t buy happiness” a profoundly true statement but the goal to strive for luxury and success can lead to health and optimal endurance. We all have dreams of grandeur, we all want to be the next Jeff Bezos… but how do these men of great wealth remain youthful, strong, and mentally virile? The answer doesn’t come down to expensive treatments and private chefs, the answer is they have a goal and they never stop perusing it! Everyone thinks intelligence plays a role in success but research reveals that success has less than 30% to do with intelligence and has everything to do with the determination to maintain a long term goal.

"...success has less than 30% to do with intelligence and has everything to do with the determination to maintain a long term goal."

Once one understands that every dream can be a reality no more how unrealistic and makes a foreseeable plan to achieve that dream, well, that’s when health benefits occur. When pursing to achieve a grandeur goal disappointments inevitably follows and here is what happens if you don’t give up! One develops a heighten capacity for mental toughness, the process to keep analyzing a situation to find a predictably desirable outcome increases the functionality of your mind which leads to you being able to mentally within stand more which results in increased physical endurance. Science has shown that our minds give up long before our bodies ever would, when we starting strengthening our mental toughness by re-examining how to get to our ultimate goal and get around current roads blocks without giving-up we start to utilize and enhance our physical endurance that is often neglected and never truly used. A case study was done on 2,441 cadets that were going to embark on completely the military Beast Barracks, each cadet had their SAT Scores, Leadership Potential, Physical Aptitude Exam and grit scale record and 60% of the cadets that passed the Beast Barracks have one standard higher on their Grit Scale then all the rest which proves that genetics, strength, or intelligence failed the rest and that 60% passed because of their mental capacity to fight for a long term goal without deviation which allowed them to overcome their physical weakness.

But here lies the true secret to a true grit grinding personality, this ability to see success, to develop of plan of action developed an acute mental resilience which allows one to overcome heartache quicker, deal with stress instantaneously and climb over the mountains that would crush so many others. This ability to be mentally resilient allows the body to recover quicker from mental, emotional and physical injury. Money may not cause happiness but the pursuit of luxury and dreams will irrevocably enhance your life, your body and your future. So in the wise words of P!nk “Get up and TRY” hang on to that dream because true luxury is the only result of personal success.




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