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Luxury In Beverly Hills: The True Taste Of History

It is hard to combine Beverly Hills and simple life in the same sentence. Whoever says Beverly Hills thinks of opulence, abundance, and the glamorous life of Hollywood. Only a short drive away from the iconic Hollywood sign, it's hard to imagine that life in such a popular location could be anything but luxurious.

Yet, the true luxury of Beverly Hills lies far away from the paparazzi's cameras and the sparkle of an evening dress with a high price tag. In this sought-after community, luxury might be all about going back to the roots and embracing the simple things in life.

Nestled amidst the palm-lined streets and opulent avenues of Beverly Hills lies a realm of unparalleled luxury, where history seamlessly intertwines with modern extravagance. These exclusive Beverly properties stand as timeless monuments to sophistication, offering a glimpse into a world reserved for the elite few. From sprawling estates exuding old-world charm to sleek, contemporary mansions boasting the latest in architectural innovation, each residence embodies the epitome of refinement. Beyond mere addresses, these homes are storied havens steeped in the legacies of their former owners, be it Hollywood icons or titans of industry.

The original inhabitants (the Tongva) of the region used to refer to it as a place of the gathering of waters. Spanish explorer Don Jose Gaspar de Portolà translated the native name of Beverly Hills into "El Rodeo de las Aquas". Perhaps, it's no surprise that Beverly Hills then developed into a lively cattle and horse ranch. Unfortunately, a series of droughts and sieges led to the land passing into various hands before investors stroke gold, or more exactly enough water underground to support a full town.

The rest is history. Yet, there is still inside Beverly Hills a true desire to live like in the time of El Rodeo de las Aquas.

A prospective area for work and healthy living

With average prices ranging from $3.24m to $39.1m, it makes no doubt that for those living in the Beverly Hills homes, life has a taste of luxury. However, far from the gold and the glory of the not-so-far Hollywood hill, life in this community embraces fresh and quiet outdoor spaces. Unlike LA with its quirky apartments in an urban landscape, trees, plants, shrubs, bushes, and lawns are aplenty in Beverly Hills, a testimonial of its famous gatherings of the water.

For commuters, it's only a short drive from downtown LA and large office complexes. Yet, it's far enough for professionals to recharge their batteries after a long day in a busy city.

A taste of natural products

One of the most exciting places for the local families remains the Farmers' Market on Civic Center Drive. Taking place every Sunday, the market welcomes over 60 vendors who play a crucial role in introducing children to organically grown products, from Harry's Berries's delicious strawberries to Ha's Apple Farm fruits. The market is a weekly meeting point for the local population, ideal for a casual stroll in the warm winter. But it's also a place to get back in touch with Mother Nature, whether you indulge in a cup of coffee from King Roads Cafe or a glass of artisanal Delle Vite Prosecco brought from Northern Italy. Bathed in the Californian sun and growing in the rich soil, the state produces almost half of U.S.-grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables, including $5.3 billion almonds every year. Therefore, it makes sense for inhabitants of the Flats to grow a sense of duty and respect towards organic crops and products.

Luxury takes a different meaning in this unique location that maintains a deep connection to its past. Even at the time of the Tongva community, the gathering of the waters was an abundant place, filled with fresh crops, green plants, and unique quality of life. Perhaps, what makes Beverly Hills so attractive is not the short distance to LA, but its rich historic environment.


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