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Malta - The Hidden Gem of the Mediterranean: Fall Festivals & Events in the Archipelago

Malta and its sister islands of Gozo & Comino, an archipelago located

in the middle of the Mediterranean, are home to a most remarkable

concentration of intact built heritage, including the highest density

of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in any nation-state anywhere. Valletta,

built by the proud Knights of St. John, is one of the UNESCO sites and the

European Capital of Culture for 2018. Malta’s patrimony in stone ranges

from the oldest free-standing stone architecture in the world, to one of the

British Empire’s most formidable defensive systems, and includes a rich mix

of domestic, religious and military architecture from the ancient, medieval

and early modern periods. With superbly sunny weather, attractive beaches,

a thriving nightlife and 8,000 years of intriguing history, there is a great deal

to see and do.

EuroPride Valletta 2023 will be held in Valletta, Malta, September 7–17,


The Maltese LGBTIQ+ Community is a proud part of the European

LGBTIQ+ Movement. Malta is constantly working and striving to achieve full

equality both within Malta, and also in its neighboring communities. Valletta

is the perfect destination for EuroPride 2023 as its location is situated

between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, giving members of the

EMENA (European, Middle East & North Africa) LGBTIQ+ community the

opportunity to gather and celebrate in a safe environment where people are

free to be themselves, while also providing a stage where LGBTIQ+ human

rights issues can be addressed and discussed.

Victory Day National Feast (Festa) - September 8, 2023

Victory Day is a national holiday celebrated annually on September 8th. The

holiday commemorates Malta’s three greatest victories: The Great Siege

in 1565, The Siege of Valletta in 1800 and The Second World War in 1943.

Each year, Malta gathers as a nation in order to remember the bravery and

resilience of its forefathers. The festivities commence two days prior

with a commemorative event held during the evening in front of the Great Siege Monument in Valletta.

This is followed by a speech and a wreath laying ceremony. To conclude the event, the national anthem is played.

On the eve of Victory Day, masses are held to celebrate the feast of

Our Lady of Victories. On the day marking the holiday flowers are

placed on the Great Siege monument in Valletta, followed by a parade

from the Armed forces of Malta. Afterwards, wreaths are laid on the

graves of the war victims. In the afternoon, a rowing boat competition

(the Regatta) is held in the Grand Harbour.

Notte Bianca - October 7, 2023

Organized by Festivals Malta, Notte Bianca is one of Malta’s biggest

annual arts and culture festivals. For one special night, every first

Saturday of October, the Valletta cityscape lights up with a spectacular

celebration of the arts that is open to the public free of charge.

Valletta’s streets, piazzas, churches, state palaces and museums

are transformed into venues for a myriad of live performances and

concerts, while many cafés and restaurants extend their opening

hours. Notte Bianca celebrates the close bond between Maltese artists

and audiences while forging international collaborations. The entire

city of Valletta, from City Gate to Fort St Elmo, comes alive for Notte

Bianca, guaranteeing a memorable night that truly holds something for


Rolex Middle Sea Race 2023 - Beginning October 21, 2023 in Valletta’s Grand Harbour Malta, the

crossroads of the Mediterranean, will host the 44th Rolex Middle Sea Race, an iconic race, featuring

some of the world’s premier mariners on the most high-tech vessels in the sea. The race begins in

Valletta’s Grand Harbour beneath the historic Fort St. Angelo. Participants will embark on the 606

nautical mile classic, traveling to the Eastern coast of Sicily, up towards the Strait of Messina, before

heading North to the Aeolian Islands and the active volcano of Stromboli. Passing between Marettimo

and Favignana the crews head South towards the island of Lampedusa, passing Pantelleria on the

way back to Malta.

The Three Palaces Festival Early Opera & Music Festival - November 1–5, 2023

Organized by Festivals Malta, the festival focuses on the premise that “our ordinary is actually

extraordinary”, which is coming from the fact that in Malta we are surrounded by magnificent

buildings that we pass by every day and barely notice their beauty. It gives life to the philosophy

that everyone should have access to heritage sites, to the transcendent beauty of art, as well as

the right to participate in the expression of music. Education in the arts is a cornerstone of The

Three Palaces Festival Early Opera & Music Festival, and broad access is given through school

participation, arts tourism and musician gatherings that see emerging artists perform alongside

the finest established artists in Malta and internationally.

For more information on Malta, visit

Festivals & Events in Gozo

Gozo’s colors and flavors are brought out by the radiant skies above it and the blue sea which

surrounds its spectacular coast, which is simply waiting to be discovered. Steeped in myth, Gozo

is thought to be the legendary Calypso’s Isle of Homer’s Odyssey - a peaceful, mystical

backwater. Baroque churches and old stone farmhouses dot the countryside. Gozo’s rugged

landscape and spectacular coastline await exploration with some of the Mediterranean’s best

dive sites. On top of being home to Ġgantija, the world’s oldest free-standing temples &

UNESCO world heritage site, Gozo also provides some fantastic gastronomy options, with

Michelin plate restaurants, as well as some of the best examples of traditional local cuisine.

Festival Mediterranea - October 14, 2023 – November 18, 2023

The 20th Edition of Festival Mediterranea will be celebrated in Gozo, one of Malta’s sister

islands, from October 14, 2023 through November 18, 2023. This annual event offers all that

Gozo boasts of in the cultural and artistic arena. This mid-autumn festival has an island-wide

aspect, with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor events. Opera and other music concerts

dominate the celebrations, but there are also international conferences, walks and talks in

ancient and historic places, field trips, food and drink events and art exhibitions. Festival

Mediterranea offers visitors a great opportunity to learn about Gozo’s temples and

archaeological sites through a series of lectures and visits.

Opera is Gozo – October 1–31, 2023

October is Opera month with ‘Opera is Gozo’, a festival celebrating this joyous and rousing art

form in various locations around Gozo. Soulful arias fill our theaters and skies as international

soloist’s, orchestra musicians, choristers and locals unite to perform, participate and take

pleasure in all things opera. The festival includes two fully staged operas performed at The Astra

theater and Aurora Theatre in Victoria as well as recitals, opera appreciation workshops and

activities for seasoned opera-goers right through to opera newbies.

Symphony of Lights – October 13, 2023

The annual Symphony of Lights will be held in Santa Luċija’s beautiful square in Kerċem, Gozo

on October 13, 2023. This free, spectacular event will include live performances synchronized to

a light and fireworks display. The square will also be lit with candles and torches, creating a

unique atmosphere.

International Kite and Wind Festival – October 13–15, 2023

Internationally renowned flyers will gather in Gozo for the International Kite and Wind Festival

by San Dimitri Chapel, Għarb, in Gozo from October 13–15, 2023. This year’s Autumn

celebration marks the 6th edition and celebrates the art of kite-making all while reflecting the

tradition of kites from all over the world. Visitors will witness incredible displays, acrobatic kite

tricks, and routines to music amid the Gozitan skies, kite-making workshops, a children’s area,

food and drink vendors, live music, a traditional fair, and more.

For more information on Gozo, visit:


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