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Michael Bublé Hits Social Media with His New Whiskey Launch

Just in time for the holidays, Michael Bublé announced on social media his newest collaboration with celebrated distiller Paul Cirka and Wes Brands with the launch of Fraser & Thompson Whiskey.

No, he isn’t leaving music for spirits, “I’m leaving the whiskey making to the experts” noted Bublé. He will be on board for marketing support between touring and learning to knot the perfect bowtie (insert giggle here).

This Bardstown, Kentucky whiskey took nearly three years to come together. Cirka hand-selected aged liquid to blend and the final product did not disappoint. With hints of sweet fig and blood orange on the nose, and a subtle hint of caramel, vanilla, and a hint of spice will leave you…feeling good!

Bublé had a hand in picking out the name. “I spent many summers with my grandfather at the confluence of the Fraser and Thompson rivers in British Columbia,” said Buble’. “When I heard Paul’s vision for creating a new kind of whiskey, I knew instantly what I wanted to call it.”

As with many celebrity brands, the demand supersedes the supply. At this time, Fraser & Thompson whiskey can be found in limited quantities across the US, and in some international markets. Priced at just $29.99, it’s easy to become a fan!


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