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My Yacht Group - Summer Superyachting

With Summer 2020 cancelled for so many people, the pent-up demand for a jaunt to Europe is seeing a huge early spike in Mediterranean yacht bookings for the upcoming summer season, generally regarded as May through September. Even if you’re an experienced traveler, a yacht charter affords you the freedom to explore annual favorites, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-track places on your own terms, with your favorite people. Whether you prefer to remain distanced at sea throughout your trip or can’t wait to visit a thumping day club, your itinerary is your own to tailor as you desire.

From an early-morning dip or top-deck yoga session, to snorkeling, diving, and water sports, sunset cocktails and dinner under the stars, make each day your own. Don’t feel comfortable sampling the local cuisine around other people? Your professional crew and chef will bring all of those flavors and delicacies directly to you. Whether it’s the chance to get away as a family or reconnect with friends, there’s no better - or safer - way to experience the Med than on board your own floating home. Plus, you can feel good about providing a much-needed boost to the local tourism industry - think yacht provisioning, restaurants, shopping, on-board performers - and the many small communities you encounter along the way.

Herewith, a sampling of some of the yachts currently available to welcome you aboard for the vacation of a lifetime.


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