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NatureKast - Luxurious, Thriving Weatherproof Cabinetry

Homeowners are spending more quality time outside and investing wisely in their backyards. As a result, there has been great growth in new products and innovations. That’s where NatureKast comes in. Discover the rich look of real wood outdoor cabinets without the constant maintenance. NatureKast has revolutionized the outdoor cabinet industry by offering the first range of 100% weatherproof cabinets that look and feel like high-end indoor kitchens, but built to withstand all the elements that nature can throw at them. Backed up by a limited lifetime warranty, homeowners can be certain that NatureKast cabinetry will last for decades.

"Where NatureKast has elevated the game for us, they're the outdoor gamechanger, is the ability to have an elevated lifestyle outdoors, and what NatureKast has brought to the table is you can have a full cabinetry system that actually can mimic the functionality and the look of a magnificent indoor kitchen, and now have it outdoors. The concept of the elevated lifestyle has really caught on, and NatureKast is number one where it goes to the ability to fulfill this functionality outdoors." - Michael Gotowala - Outdoor Kitchen Design Store

With NatureKast, the need for masons or cumbersome and expensive stone work can be completely removed from the equation. Realistic panels resembling wood, stack stone, brick and coral stone plus molded items like corbels, trim and crown moldings bring design options that have previously only been available for indoor cabinetry. The product line is immense and includes a plethora of feature-rich base cabinets, grill cabinets, insert cabinets, ceramic grill cabinets, benches, hoods and even wall and tall cabinets. Innovative specialty cabinets are available for some of the big names in outdoor grills, cooktops, sinks and appliances. NatureKast also offers the industry’s widest range of outdoor TV cabinets on the market, so outdoor televisions may be showcased in a custom-built TV cabinet that perfectly matches the other fine outdoor cabinetry.

Freedom of choice doesn’t end with cabinet selection, but spills over into the distinctive stain, paint and designer weathered finishes and alluring door styles. With even just a little creativity in the design, the result can be a totally unique looking backyard oasis. And this quest for innovation has seen NatureKast recently add new materials into the mix. The same weatherproof PVC cabinet box can be shrouded in a contemporary guise with the new Euro line. An ultra-sleek range of slab doors and panels crafted from exterior grade high pressure laminates or a marine grade polyethylene with realistic wood grain and other carefully selected colors and textures. The Euro door style was recently awarded the Innovative Product of the Year at the HBA Awards in Cincinnati on top of a host of other awards the company has earned in its relatively short history.

Designers love working with NatureKast as it does put design options on the table that aren’t available from any other outdoor kitchen line.

NatureKast is perfecting the art of outdoor living.


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